Saturday, 26 September 2009

Café 2000 - A Must Try Chicken Pie!

Finally got to try this legendary chicken pie in town, presenting to you... Café 2000's Chicken Pie ($4)~!
Ordinary and innocent looking it may seem, but keeps you wanting for more!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Royal China - Introducing to you, the royal dim sum~!

Welcome to Royal China~~


Royal China is one of the must-go restaurants for dim sum lovers. Previously, we went without making a reservation and left disappointed as there weren't any vacancies. Having learnt from the last lesson, we reserved a table and went in high anticipation for some fantastic dim sum treat!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Monday, 21 September 2009

Glory Catering - Hail to this victorious popiah queen~~

Recently, we started exploring other cuisines which we rarely try in the past. For today, we had decided on peranankan/malay food for lunch. Never did we expect to find a close competitor to our no. 1 Qi Ji popiah! Introducing the star of Glory Catering, Nyonya Popiah $2.20~

This must be the juiciest popiah we ever had, we were literally sucking on the popiah, no kidding! The sweet sauce was extremely delectable and immediately got us on sugar high! Don't get us wrong, it's not overly sweet, still the usual popiah sweetness =P Even without our must-have crispy fish bits, this popiah won our hearts over with the moist turnips, carrots, omelette and prawn, well soaked in the essence of the sweet sauce and tightly wrapped inside the slightly chewy but thin popiah skin (even though its still thicker than Qi Ji's). Only grouse would be that the prawn was not fresh and crunchy. But still, thumbs up to this popiah!

We couldn't discern a clear winner between Qi Ji's popiah and Glory's popiah on this day. However, it was evidently clear to us that Glory emerged victory when we went back for our Qi Ji popiah fix 2 days later. Never did we once feel that our no. 1 popiah will taste this ordinary. Guess our expectations for popiah had been raised once again. We missed the juicy sweet popiah from Glory. Enough said :)

A & J's ratings: 4.75/5

Keroma Chicken ($5)
The keroma chicken was unexpectedly delicious. Tender pink flesh which almost made us went "CuckooOoo". Alright, that was a little exaggerating but we love eating it with the curry and rice.

A & J's ratings: 4/5

Beef Rendang (Front), Mutton Rendang (Top left), $3 per piece
Beef and mutton rendangs were huge disappointments. Meat were tough and hard to chew. Even the spices used could not mask the strong mutton smell.

A & J's rating: 3/5

We realized that actually not many people enjoy eating lady finger because there's this sticky thing oozing out once it was cooked. But we love its crunchiness and this dish here was definitely a hit for us too. Even thought that it tasted better than the one we had from Punggol Nasi Lemak. Sinking our teeth into them immediately squashed and spurted their tiny seeds into our mouths, very shiok indeed!

A & J's rating: 4/5

While the rendangs were a disappointment for us, we will definitely return to Glory Catering again for their popiahs. And next time round, no sharing! One for us each, then end the meal with our lovely brownie from Cafe Oliv =P

Glory Catering
139 East Coast Rd
Tel: 6344 1749
Operating Hours:
8.30 am - 8.30 pm
(Closed on Monday except PH)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Gurkha Palace Restaurant - Satisfying Indian Cuisine!

This week, for no reason, we decided to go "Indiana"! There we were, strolling down the streets at Little India, we found our small palace located right at Chander road. Ghurka Palace Restaurant caught our attention as they serve authentic Nepalese and Northern Indian food. We never had Nepalese cuisine before and hence we decided to try it out! Sitting in the "palace" made us feel homely and cosy.
We were indeed just like Queens to be served.
*We were the only customers in the restaurant then. Haha*

Complimentary Papadum with Mint sauce was served swiftly after we placed our order.
The mint sauce was really refreshing and good! It went pretty well with the keropok. Salty, sweet and minty.
A unique taste indeed!


Chapati, $1.50
For only $1.50, you get 2 large pieces of chapati! The soft chewy texture goes very well with the butter chicken. However, our jaws were aching from chewing the chapati as we left it to the last.


J's & A's rating: 3.5/5

Cheese Naan, $3.50
The cheese naan here tasted like plain naan. We couldn't detect the taste of cheese, only a thin layer was spread onto the naan which added slight saltiness to it. However, we do love the softness and crispiness of the naan.

Cheese Naan

A's rating: 3.5/5, J's rating: 3/5

Kukhura Makhani (Butter Chicken), $8
We ordered this dish as it was highly recommended by the waiter. Kukhura Makhani is actually chicken marinated with Nepalese herbs, tender cooked and serve with creamy butter gravy. The creamy and tangy gravy reminded us of japanese curry except that it was non-spicy. The gravy infused with herbs and spices was very addictive! We kept dipping our naans and chapti into it. Besides, the chicken morsels were very tender and succulent!

*The butter here refers to 'malai' or cream*

J: I can't really taste the butter from the sauce. The 1st mouthful actually turned me off as I felt it was too salty for my palate. However, I eventually found it to be a better dip than Daal Makhani! Perhaps due to the thicker gravy used in Kukhura Makhani, the full-bodied taste left a lingering aroma in my mouth, which made Daal Makhani taste more bland after a while.


J's & A's rating: 4.25/5

They gave generous amount of chicken morsels! So much that we actually ordered additional garlic naan later on to go with the gravy dip.

Butter Chicken

Garlic Naan, $2
The garlic naan was much better than the cheese naan. Intense garlic flavour was so satisfying that we can almost keep zombies at bay lol. It tasted exceptionally palatable when eaten hot!

Garlic Naan

A & J's rating: 4.25/5

Our way of eating: Tear off a small portion of the naan and wrap with it around the chicken morsel. Yummy!


Daal Makhani, $5
Daal Makhani is a delicacy from Punjab in India. This thick stew was prepared using black lentils and red kidney beans which were cooked and simmered for hours. This savoury stew has a slight sweetness with a minty flavour. It was a great match with the naans, and even on its own. Love the beany bites! Perhaps due to addition of the various spices, for the 1st time we could actually accept the Makhani even though they added lots of disgusting coriander leaves!

Daal Makhani

A's rating: 4.25/5, J's rating: 4/5

Dinner at Gurkha was pleasant. The service here was attentive and fast. Food were served promptly. In addition, the waiter was very friendly and knowledgeable. He gave excellent recommendations and took effort to explain each dish to us. Kudos to him!

Besides, Gurkha already have their groups of loyal customers. We could hear many regulars saying
"We are back again!"
We've yet to try out the butter chicken and daal from other restaurant. The rating given is based on our first impression of the dishes. But in general, we must say the food here is really reasonable and delicious!


Gurkha Palace Restaurant
51 Chander Rd
Tel: 62924316
Lunch: 11am - 3pm
Dinner: 6pm - 11pm

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Cafe Hacienda - We want you...

"This post is dedicated to my beloved sister. May all the troubles be far away from you. You know I will always be by your side. 
Love you always,
Away from the bustling city,
Away from your troubles and thoughts,
Let your body & mind relax at this a serene landscape...

Look at you, you are so beautiful...


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Kim's Family Restaurant - Most value for money restaurant!

Can you believe we actually went straight for dinner after ieat Udders makan session?
We were incredibly full after that. Haha..The result of our gluttonous.

Heard of how keropokman went back there 3 times in a row and we’ve been wanting to try it out! And there we were, stomachs full of ice-creams & waffle, we went into the cosy korea restaurant at 6pm for dinner. That’s pretty early for our meal! Oh well, we were too lazy to come back again later. Especially it is located far from our place!

We were the only ones inside the restaurant but people started streaming in after a while. Soon after we placed our order, the waitress served us MANY banchan (side dishes)!

We kept thinking: “Will we be charged for all these?”

We later found out that it was complimentary for all orders! On top of that, they even served a huge jug of tea. They were really generous with the appetizers and side dishes! 
One, two, three....TEN of them!
We enjoyed eating the fish and kimchi the most. This was the first time we had one whole fish as side dish and we did polish it off!

Dolsot Bim Bi Bap ($10)
Full of all the healthy vegetables, this was indeed a heart-warming dish. We threw in some of the sides dishes (kimchi, long beans etc.) in as well. Each mouthful was packed with all the ingredients. However, the beef slices were a bit tough, perhaps next time we should eat the beef slices first.
(J: Would love it even more if the rice is more charred at the bottom haha)

J's & A's rating: 4.5/5

And here comes our bubbling hot Tofu Stew ($11).
There was an incredible amount of ingredients inside. It consisted of tofu, egg, pork, clams, prawns, squid, leek etc. The seafood added sweetness to the soup and together with the spicy soup, it was really shiok ah! We almost finished off the entire pot of soup!

A’s rating: 4.5/5, J's rating: 4.25/5

Dinner ended with a complimentary watermelon and cinnamon ginger tea each. It was a very pleasant dinner. Total bill was $23.10 (after 10% service charge). And for the price you pay at normal foodcourt, just top up a few more dollars here you get a wide range of side dishes! Besides, they do not charge GST!

We can’t help but to say: "It's really cheap ah!! We will be back for more!"

Kim's Family Restaurant
17 Lorong Kilat,
Kilat court #01-06,
Singapore 598139
Tel: 6465 0535

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Udders - ieat EXTREME moOoO makan session!

Here we are, joining our very first ieat makan session at Udders!

Everybody were busy mingling with each other. It's really nice knowing new people
who enjoy eating as much as we do.

Don't you think Udders T-shirt looks cool & gorgeous? haha!

Our ice-cream menu for the day!
What's that extreme flavour?? hmmm...

The famous food blogger in Singapore, Dr Leslie Tay~!

Chief Milkman, Dave. Boss of Udders and the creator of the ice cream flavours. He used to be a secondary school teacher who taught eng, maths and science. After leaving the life as a teacher, he ventured into business and was contemplating btw opening an ice cream parlor or a burger joint. Ultimately, he settled for an ice cream cafe, Udders. He mentioned tt if he were to open a burger joint in future with his ice cream cafe, he would name it "Iceburg" lol! Anw, he spent 4 mths learning how to make ice cream and research. After much experimentation and samplings, he gained 5kg in 4mths and created over 30 ice cream flavours!

These were the flavours that we've tried!

Our fav of the lot: Strawberry~
Many of u may ask, how special can strawberry ice cream be when u can commonly find it everywhere? Sometimes, it is more difficult to make something ordinary extraordinary. This flavour stood out from the rest bcos u can actually taste and bite bits of strawberries embedded within the ice cream and the strawberry flavour is really intense. Dave has experimented using strawberry puree, frozen strawberries, fresh strawberries etc and the best ingredient in making this ultimate strawberry ice cream is of course, using fresh strawberries! Yes, strawberry is a seasonal fruit but he managed to find supplies all year round from different countries like USA, Korea etc.

Orange bitter choc was impressive at first due to the taste of the intense dark choc. But the alcohol was so overpowering tt we were over-satiated after a few mouthfuls. It's actually considered one of e mildest alcoholic flavour already.

Bailey's is ladies' best friend. Perhaps, we're just not lady-like enough to enjoy it =P 3 scoops of this is equivalent to a can of beer!

Hazelnut tasted like ferrero rocher.

If you are a durian lover, be sure not to miss out on Mao Shan Wang!
(A: It's as though u are eating frozen durian. Delicious~)
Initially when Dave just started out, he only had the classic and premium range of ice cream flavours. But he specially came up with the connoisseur range of ice cream just for this flavour which cost $5.30/scoop! Durian lovers should know tt Mao Shan Wang is akin to the king of durians and can easily cost up to $30/durian, so it shouldn't pain u tt much to satisfy ur durian cravings right?

The rest of the flavours were either ordinary or alcoholic contents were too strong for us to review.

While waiting for our extreme flavour to be served..
Wait a minute....our sharp noses picked up the fragrance of freshly baked waffles from the next table!!! We always have a soft spot for waffles and how can we resist its temptation?!
Gosh! We finally found a waffle that overtook our no. 1 waffle, Gelare, and its way better!
And for only..$2.50?! WHAT!!! 

The waffle looked very much as the Belgian liege waffle. It was crispy on the outside and super soft inside! Smell and tasted somewhat similar to a pancake, full of buttery goodness. oOooMpHH waHhhHH! Heavenly~!!
A's & J's ratings: 4.75/5

Here comes our EXTREME FLAVOUR
*This ice-cream was created for ieat ice-cream degustation only. Not for sale and not to be eaten! *

We were made to sign an indemnity form before sampling this sorbet. Yes, it is sooo sour and acidic tt it actually burnt Dave's tongue during experimentation. Definitely not for the faint-hearted! Luckily, we have Dr Leslie Tay on the standby. It's really funny seeing everyone's facial expressions. All their faces cringed and they shut their eyes sooo tightly upon shoving the first spoonful into their mouths lol. We only had a nibble and couldn't take it already haha!

We just can't get enough of ice-cream
Hence...we got another flavour for ourselves!
Cookies & Cream
(J: I thought it was better than Island Creamery, which had soggy cookies chunks, even though the cookies were finely mashed. But every spoonful was generously filled with cookies goodness in the creamy ice cream.)

We also tried out many flavours such kopi-c, Chocomash etc.
We discovered the Pure Pistachio flavour & it definitely makes us happy!!
The alcoholic flavours were just too strong for us. A few more scoops will make our faces turn red!
We enjoyed the ice-cream degustation session a lot and will definitely be joining many more in future!

Read here for ieat review.

Check out Udders outlets at

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Hai Nan Xing Zhou Beef Noodle

This stall caught out attention when we were there for the famous Long House Popiah. Long queues were seen at this stall. Out of curiosity, we decided to try out their beef noodles.

We order the dry version of beef quay teow ($3 per bowl). The gravy was here was thick and gooey, saltier than the Bugis (Long House) Lim Kee Beef Noodle. Pretty tasty with the quay teow. (J: I don't really like the gravy here and prefer Lim Kee's beef quay teow) We don't quite fancy the beef slices as it was very chewy and exuded a beefy taste, akin to not-so-fresh fish which smells fishy lol. It was tiring exercising our jaws over the beef slices! There was nothing special about the beef balls. Heard that the beef balls were outsourced. It lacks the springy and bouncy texture.

A's rating: 3.75/5 for gravy, 3/5 for beef balls & beef slices, J's rating: 3/5 beef quay teow (overall)

Hai Nan Xing Zhou Beef Noodles 
Blk 22 Lor 7 Toa Payoh
8am to 7pm
Monday Closed

Old Long House Popiah

Old Long House Popiah used to be a staple side dish for our family when we dined at the Old Long House. Ever since it was torn down, we lost all tracks of this popiah stall until recently, we found a review of it on a food blog. Back then, we were still so young and we can't really rmb how it tasted like already.
Determined to seek out the ultimate popiah to overtake our no. 1 Qi Ji popiah, we set off to Toa Payoh for a taste of Old Long House popiah. At one glance, the presentation didn't whet our appetite at all. The ingredients were loosely wrapped in the popiah skin and it looked very dry. The ingredients were very fresh, with big crispy fish bits, crunchy turnips and bean sprouts. However, very little sauce was spread onto the skin and hence, the popiah was not as sweet as we love it to be. Also, the skin was drier with slight chewiness. Don't get us wrong. It's not that this popiah isn't nice but we've had tasted better. Pretty decent, wouldn't mind ordering if we are nearby. 
(A: It would be good if the popiah skin could hold the ingredients better.)

A & J's rating: 4/5
Blk 22 Lorong 7 Toa Payoh
#01-03 Toa Payoh Food Centre
6.00am - 5.00pm
(Closed on Mon-Tue)

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Ya Kun Kaya Toast- The Original Crispy Thin Kaya Toast?!

Remember we used to frequent this original Ya Kun Kaya Toast when we were young. They're famous for their ultra-thin crispy toasts which make us wonder if they are the first to come up with this. Ya Kun has many franchises located all over Singapore but undoubtedly, we still think that this original stall maintain the best standard.

When the half boiled eggs were presented before our eyes, we were already very much impressed. They were runny and boiled to perfection. Definitely satisfying to dip our toasts into them!

How can we miss out on Ya Kun's famous kaya toast? They were soo thin and crispy when they're hot. However, they failed to retain the crispiness upon cooling, unlike Tong Ya's ultra crispy toast. To our utter disappointment, the toasts tasted 'lao hong' when they cooled down. Kaya wise, pretty decent sweet, smooth kaya but we prefer Good Morning Nanyang's eggy, clumpy kaya. It's not as sweet and has stronger kaya fragrance.

J & A's rating: 4/5

This is Ya Kun's new addition to their menu, peanut butter toast. The peanut butter reminded us of the ones we always find in older days kopitiams. Traditional liquid peanut butter that's not as thick and sticky as Skippy's peanut butter. Perfect with traditional toasts or steamed lothi! Our only grouse is that too little peanut butter was spread onto the toasts, thus lacking in the shiok factor.

J's rating: 4/5, A's rating: 3.75/5

Ya Kun has definitely built up a strong brand over the years but with the emergence of strong competitors, they certainly have to put in much more effort to ensure consistency in quality across all its outlets and improve on their specialty to give it an X factor in order to stand out from the rest.

Far East Square
18 China Street #01-01
Singapore 049560
Tel : 6438 3638
Monday to Friday : 7.30am to 7pm
Saturday and Sunday : 8am to 6pm
Public Holiday : Closed 

Friday, 4 September 2009

Watami @ Ion- Highly raved, little surprise


Located at Ion Orchard, this Japanese casual restaurant sure stirred up a big hoo-ha. Long queues could be seen especially in the evening. The ambience was not bad and the wooden decoration in the restaurant was indeed distinctive.

We were there around 6pm and were lucky that there wasn’t any queue at all. Highly enthusiastic and friendly staffs greeted us and led us to our tables. The service provided was really commendable. Napkins were handed out to us individually and drinks filled up promptly. We were astonished that the staffs actually knelt by the side of our table to take our orders. You will not experience this kind of service at all either in Ichiban Boshi or even Sushi Tei.

Sashimi Deluxe ($13.80)
This sashimi platter consists of salmon, tuna and hotate (scallops). We had many complaints about the salmon and tuna sashimi. The size of the salmon and tuna sashimi was probably half the size you find in Sushi Tei and they were not very fresh, with a slight fishy smell. Fortunately, hotate sashimi tasted better. It was fresh, fat and juicy, with a slight sweetness. Absolutely heavenly!

J's & A’s rating: 3/5 for salmon & tuna sashimi, 4.25/5 hotate sashimi

Kani & Hotate Cream Croquette ($5.80)
This golden crispy ball was delicious! The cream exploded into your mouth when you bite into it. But there wasn’t any sight of kani and hotate chunks. (A: I would prefer to eat croquette full of kani or salmon flakes)


J's & A’s rating: 4/5

Irodori Sushi Grandeur - scallop, seafood salmon & eel ($10.80)
The sushi here was pretty ordinary. The rice was dry, sticky yet still crumbly which caused the ingredients to fall off very easily. The fillings inside each sushi is the same, except tt the toppings were different.

J's & A’s rating: 3/5

Tompeiyaki ($6.80)
Omelette with sliced pork and cabbage, this dish took the longest to arrive. The egg was dry and thin, with the sides slightly burnt unlike the ones in Shokudo or Waraku which are thicker, sweeter and more fragrant. Nothing special for the sauce too.

A’s rating: 3/5, J's rating: 2.5/5

We did not order any dessert this time round because the food did not impress us. We know there were many good reviews of Watami but the quality of their food failed to meet our expectations. Nonetheless, the service here was praiseworthy.

Watami Japanese Restaurant
#B-23 Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801
Tel: 65099366