Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Cafe Oliv- Found my desserts heaven in sg~!

Janelle and I had a long day of interview today. We decided to head off to Cafe Oliv for a big treat! The restaurant was empty when we entered. It was already like 7.30pm and there was no one there?? Don't be deceived by it! People only start streaming in after 8pm. Why does people at east coast road have their dinner so late? haha

We ordered Chargrilled Bratwurst Snail & Spicy Italian Sausages with Rosti Potato $14.90

A's rating: 4.25/5, J's rating: 4.3/5
A: I like the rosti in Cafe Oliv! It was different from what I've tasted in Lauterbrunnen (Switz). Rosti is actually a national dish of Switzerland, usually served with sour cream. Rosti in Cafe Oliv was made using shredded potato and they pan-fried it, topping it with bacon, adding additional crisp to the rosti! It was not overly seasoned and it tasted great with the bacon and sour cream. Both of us find the spicy italian sausage must tastier than the bratwurst snail sausage. This would have been a perfect dish if not of the snail sausage. Oh, they also add final touch to the dish by adding fried shredded sweet potato! We had to ask the owner to find out what it was! Janelle even thought that it was "cuttlefish" initially. haha

J: This rosti is one of the best ive tasted so far. Sometimes e rosti can be too oily, nua n salty. I love the crispiness of the top layer of rosti with bacons and e lighter, softer texture of the bottom layers of rosti with the sour cream. The taste of the spicy italian sausage was so overpowering tt it rendered the snail sausage almost tasteless. But the snail sausage was bland on its own too.

We also ordered Oliv Tradtional Beef Stew with Fennel, Potato and Pilaf Rice $12.90. We ordered the dinner set menu which includes a soup+main+drink+dessert ($16.90).
The mushroom soup was very creamy and we both feel that it would be better if there were chunks of mushrooms in the soup. Definitely not ur usual campbellis mushroom soup!

Here's come our beef stew!
The Pilaf Rice
This hot steaming stew is delicious! It was a perfect combination with the pilaf rice. Actually we do not know what is pilaf rice. You could feel each individual rice grain in your mouth! The so called "Li Li Fan Xiang!" It tasted great wih the beef stew, especially when you bite each mouthful of rice with large chunks of beef. Yumm..

J: I thought the beef could be more tender. There were a couple of beef which were overdone n e tendons made it hard for me to bite off the beef. I actually feel that the pilaf rice was very good bcos each n every grain is very separated n i love the bite of e grains. I would gladly finish the rice on its own with the gravy from the beef stew lol.
A & J's rating: 4/5 beef, 4.5/5 pilaf rice

And finally our desserts! Mudpie!
The presentations of the desserts were awesome! We find this mudpie amazingly delicious! It was a combination of coffee ice-cream + chocolate bits + chocolate ice-cream drizzled with coffee sauce. We initially thought that it was chocolate sauce! The coffee taste was not overpowering and not too sweet to make u feel sick after eating a while, which we both like about. Eating the bits of chocolates with the ice-cream was simply delicious! Best mudpie I've tasted so far, even better than Island Creamery.

J's & A's rating: 4.5/5

We decided to get additional dessert as desserts were having a half-price promotion ($3, UP $5.90) on tue and thursday.We ordered the brownie with cookies & cream ice-cream. Brownie with ice-cream was the highlight of today! The brownie was heavenly! The 1st bite into the ice cream brownie blown us to heaven~ oOOompHHH aHHhhHHH this issss A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! Chunks of walnuts can be seen and the brownie was so soft that it dissolve almost immediately in your mouth! It was not too sweet and definitely v shiok when served warm with the ice-cream. Janelle and I were like snatching the brownie among ourselves n scraping the plate, not wasting every bit of brownie left! haha. It was THAT GOOD!! We couldnt't help smiling when we started eating the brownie! It's been a long time since we've experienced such a heavenly dessert, other than the bread pudding in London.

Brownie with Cookie & Cream Ice-cream
Feeling insatiable after finishing the brownie within a min, we succumbed to the growlings of our stomachs which were hankering for more brownies! We're such a glutton pigs! haha! This time we ordered Brownie with mocha chip ice-cream. We're in heaven! It's the best dessert we've eaten in Singapore. The only dessert that would make both of us come back for it again! The brownie tasted much better with the mocha chip ice-cream. Next time we will just order this combination! The mocha ice-cream was very aromatic n shiokfully delicious in combination to our warm brownie choked full of nutty chunky walnuts drizzled with choc fudge! This really gave the extra punch tonight! (J: Personally I feel that the mudpie was gd but bcos its all cold coffee & choc ice cream mudpie, it was less shiok as compared to warm brownie with cold ice cream. This brownie with mocha ice cream can definitely satisfy both ur cravings for choc & coffee!) We feel that the cookies and cream ice-cream was pretty normal, nothing fantastic.

Brownie with Mocha Chip Ice-cream
J's & A's rating: 4.8/5 for brownie with mocha chip ice cream. This brownie would have scored 5 if they can replace their ice creams with better ones like from seventh heaven or island creamery :P Btw their ice creams r not made by themselves so they're actually ordinary ice creams.

Having such a good dinner and 3 yummy desserts, we were almost too full to move! (J: I'm suffering from sore throat now bcos I had such a fabulous meal lol) I bet the owner, Kelvin was shocked that girls of our size could finish so much food! Bill for tonight totalled up to $41.60 for 1 soup, 1 drink, 2 entrees + 3 desserts! And no GST!! We will definitely come back on thursday again! Because desserts are half-priced on tue and thur! We will try out new yummylicious food again and DEFINITELY our BROWNIE not to be missed!!

Visit http://www.cafeoliv.com/ for more info.

Cafe Oliv
220, East Coast Road
(Near Church of the Holy Family, Katong)
Open daily from 11:30am - 11pm

Monday, 29 June 2009

Kway Guan Huat Popiah- ended up with disappointment

J: After reading all the news n hype abt Singapore's one of e best popiah from Kway Guan Huat, we travelled under e scorching sun in search of the popiah to replace our no 1 Qi Ji popiah. One major complaint is the location of this kopitiam. The numbering in Joo Chiat is really qt weird n we went e wrong way, walked for abt 15min n asked ard b4 we finally spotted Kway Guan Huat.

We ordered both the popiah n kueh pie tee. Seriously for e popiah, other than being generous with e fillings n e crispy bits tasted different from other popiahs, ive no other positive reviews for it. 1stly, the popiah skin is too thick n chewy for my liking. 2ndly, the turnips r pretty tasteless to me n they're not warm. 3rdly, the sweet sauce is not sweet enough. All in all, i went in with high hopes n ended up in disappointment. I even think the kueh pie tee is better bcos e pie is v crispy but same fillings r used. I dont think i will ever head back there for popiah, will just stick to our no 1 qi ji popiah with super thin skin n i simply adore their sweet sauce n fillings! Beauty lies in e beholder. Dont come after me, fans of kway guan huat popiah!

A: Seriously, at the first look of the popiah, it was not appetizing at all. Thinking that it could be the "best popiah in sg", I still took the bite anyway. It took me quite a while to chew off the skin! And the filling falls out easily as well. There's nothing special about the sauce. It somehow did not combined well with the fillings inside the popiah. It's just like eating 3 separate things together (skin+fillings+sauce) = popiah?? I don't think so..

J's ratings: 3/5 for popiah, 3.25/5 for kueh pie tee
A's ratings: 2.75/5 for popiah, 3.25/5 for kueh pie tee

Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat
Original Poh Piah Skin
& Kueh Pie Tee

95 Joo Chiat Road


Zita 96773441
Open 10am to 8pm daily
Closed on Mondays

Friday, 26 June 2009

Seventh Heaven: Is this really Singapore's heaven?

J: This time round our sweet tooth brought us to Seventh Heaven where u get innovative alcoholic ice cream flavors. Upon stepping into this cafe, u can c tt it is really a very open concept where u can c the preparations of ur food through the glass windows in their kitchen. One major grouse is tt its location is really out of e way! >.<

Well, we had sampled many of their flavors n i must say tt my favorite is lychee martini which goes really well with their popular warm choc cake. It is rather light n e taste of martini is really faint.

A summary of the flavors we had sampled:
Lychee Martini: Love the taste of lychee. Light n not too sweet. Faint martini taste.
Irish Cream: Has initial caramel bailey's taste to me n a nice undescribable lingering after taste. Sis preferred this to lychee martini.
Peanut: This is e best peanut ice cream i've ever tried. Creamy peanut but not too heavy to make u feel sick n sinful after finishing it. Goes rather well with warm choc cake too.
Chocolate Whisky: This flavor is rather heavy n e whisky taste is qt strong. Gets too heavy for me after a while n i dont think it will pair well with warm choc cake.
Chocolate Espresso: I actually like this more than choc whisky bcos u can bite into the crunchy aromatic coffee beans!
Black sesame: Very ordinary. MOF's definitely better cos u can actually bite e black sesame itself.


The real highlight must be their warm chocolate cake. It's the best I've had in sg, even better than bakerzin! They took 25min to bake this warm choc cake so u gotta make sure u have e time n patience to wait but i bet its worth e wait! The cake is crusty on e outside n super soft inside! Once u dip ur spoon into it, omg e cake crumbles n e warm choc oozes out like hot lava. Really shiok when I had it together with my cold lychee martini icecream! The warm choc is not tt heavy n sweet to make u feel sick after eating for a while unlike bakerzin but its really expensive for that small portion of cake lol. $7.80 for warm choco cake with a scoop of french vanilla icecream. Gotta top up another dollar if u change e flavor of ice cream.

Lastly, like any other typical ice-cream stalls, they also sell waffles. The waffle is e crispiest i've ever tried but its v airy inside. There is literally nothing inside except e crust lol. Sis thought Gelare's waffles way better than theirs.

A: I'm so sad that Gelare is no longer in business! Sad!!
Now I'm in search for my next best waffles. >.<
I really like the Oozing warm choco cake. It really goes well either with lychee martini ice-cream or the irish cream! It's not as sweet as bakerzin warm choco cake. Will never be satisfying just to have one!
*you should order 2 next time. haha*

J's ratings: 4.75/5 warm choc cake, 4.5/5 lychee martini, 4.25/5 irish cream, peanut & choc espresso, 4/5 choc whisky, 3.5/5 black sesame, 4/5 waffle

A's ratings: 4.75/5 warm choco cake, 4.25/5 lychee martini, 4.5/5 irish cream,4/5 peanut, chocolate espresso. 3.75/5 choco whiskey, 3.5/5 black sesame, 3.5/5 waffle

Seventh Heaven
10 Raeburn Park, (Former Gan Eng Seng Sch)

Marketing Institute of Singapore
Singapore 088702
Tel: 62277787
Mon - Thurs 11am to 8pm

Fri 11am to 11pm
Sat 1pm to 11pm
Closed Sundays and PH

Gen Shu Mei Shi Shi Jia- Super friendly Uncle Gen!

J: Brought mum to try out Gen Shu's hk cusine. We ordered the HK steamed rice with chicken and salted fish ($3.30), Congee with century egg and salted egg ($3), Double boiled soup of the day ($3.30) and Yam cake with preserved meat ($1.80).

I've always disliked yam cake bcos i felt it was rather heavy n hard (e closest description i can get to is prob e texture is similar to a block of mashed potatoes) . My liking has changed after i tried out gen shu's yam cake! It is e softest n most moist yam cake ive ever had! It would have been much better if it was served warm. I asked gen shu if e taste will differ if we da bao home n reheat it n he said there wouldnt be much diff, just steam it for a little while n it will taste as gd as what they served.

A: The yam cake is a must try if you ever visit this stall. Although the yam cake is not hot, but it definitely tasted good especially with the chilli sauce! The chilli sauce was made by Gen shu as well. What i like about it is the nice fragrance of the "xia mi" (dried shrimps) in the chilli sauce!
The chilli sauce was already gone when we were halfway eating the yam cake! It was a good combination with the yam cake. A bit of sweetness, salty (dried shrimps) and spicyness. Delicious!

J: My next fav dish is their congee. Gen shu told me not to add any soy sauce to their congee as he had already seasoned it well enough which is indeed true. And he's really generous with their ingredients! Every mouthful of congee is filled with lotsa fragrant roasted peanuts, century egg, ginger etc.Even for a non peanut lover like sis, she loved their roasted
peanuts! I like the consistency of their congee, not too watery nor sticky but its not the ultra smooth grainless congee like zhen zhen's congee either. It's thick enough with remaining unmashed rice grains for tt extra soft bite.

The steamed rice wasn't too bad either! The rice is really fragrant after mixing and its not as salty as other
steamed rice I've tried elsewhere. The chicken is tender but sis's only complaint is that there was not many salted fish in it lol. I'm not a fan of lup cheong so im not gg to comment on it.

A: I think I could just eat the steamed rice by itself! The rice is really "xiang~~~" But it tasted better with the small pieces of salted fish. It somehows brings out the fragrance of the rice. And the salted fish really increase your craving for food! I wished that i could asked for more salted fish next time! haha
Lastly comes our nutritious double boiled soup. It's a really light soup filled with generous servings of veg, red dates, tender pork ribs etc. However, there was no WOW factor but definitely better than my coffeeshop and hawker centre!

P/S: Gen shu is really frenly n chatty! This stall has been ard for 4 yrs alr! He enjoys fishing in msia haha. Talked to him for v long in cantonese lol. Qt impressed with myself as well :P

J's ratings: 4.6/5 yam cake, 4.5/5 congee, 4.3/5 steamed rice, 4/5 double boiled soup
A's ratings: 4.5/5 yam cake, 4.75/5 congee, 4.25/5 steam rice, 3.75/5 double boiled soup

Gen Shu Mei Shi She Jia
Toa Payoh Lor 4

Blk 74 Food Centre
Opens 6am till sold out around lunch time
U can call to reserve so that u dont hafta wait! They have different double boiled soups n steamed rice daily. Call to check out the food of the day :D
Closed on Mondays

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Food for Thought: Whats ur thought on this?

J: i had mixed feelings when i tried this old fashioned red velvet cake from food for thought. it was a cake which ive never had before n i cant compare it with. it doesnt really taste like a cake n e texture seemed to be smth in btw a cake n a kueh. we were v curious to find out whats inside e cake n after asking e waitress, we were really surprised tt this is actually a vanilla pound cake, n guess where did e red colour come from? cherries! i couldnt taste any vanilla nor cherry from e cake. i just felt v confused as i was eating it lol. e cream cheese, however, was too heavy n a little sour for my liking. cedele's cream cheese frosting is definitely better than this. i cant say tt i particularly like or dislike it but i wouldnt go back specially for this cake again. would gladly try it again if a grp of us r sharing e cake at food for thought. sis wants to try their carrot cake n banana choc cake so tt we can compare them with cedele n secret receipe's cakes. so, we will be back!

A: Red velvet cake tested like an ordinary cake to me with cream cheese frosting. If I didnt know it was vanilla pund cake mixed with cherries, I would thought that it was a beetroot cream cheese cake! The texture of the pound cake does not taste like the normal vanilla pound cake instead, the texture is more like tapioca cake to me! haha! It's more sticky unlike the normal soft and moist pound cake. I feel that if they're able enhance the flavour of cherries in the cake and making the cream cheese frosting lighter, it will definitely be a real special red velvet cake. If not, I would say it's a "red tapioca cake with cream cheese frosting"! Do try it as this unusual red velvet cake will give you a total different visual and sensuous experience!

J's ratings: 4/5
A's rating: 3.75/5

Food for Thought
420 North Bridge Road
North Bridge Centre
9am to 10 plus daily
Last order at 9pm
Closed on Sundays

Tong Ya Kaya Toast: Best toast in Singapore! We found it!

The crispiest toast in Singapore! We love Chinatown! That's where all the good food are. We were a little crazy that day. Normally people will eat their kaya toast in the morning but for us? We had it in the evening! haha..
A little insane but worth it! Another gem in Chinatown. We ordered the so called "Grade A" kaya toast, which is toast that was toasted earlier, set aside and toast it again when customer requested for the crispier kaya toast. You got to tell the owner you want the crisper version! If not, you'll end up getting the normal kaya toast. (U can actually c 2 diff packets of bread fr e stall, 1 is e normal white bread while e other has alr been toasted n will be retoasted when u request for tt!) The crust of the toast was so delicate that it broke off when we tried to dip into the soft boiled egg!

A: Tong Ya Kaya Toast will remain as my No.1 toast! Better than Ya Kun Kaya Toast. I must comment that their Teh 'C' Kao is the best i had in SG as well! It has the Ooomh factor! Shiok!

J: i thought ya kun's kaya toast is alr v crispy n nv did i think tt there exist an even crispier n such crumbly kaya toast which literally breaks off when dipped into e half boiled eggs! oh yes btw, 1 egg is definitely insufficient for 2 kaya toasts! i almost brushed e plate dry while dipping my toast in it lol. The kopi-o gao siu dai is also v shiok! however, it does lack in e acidic after taste unlike Wah Yen's kopi-o. i have difficulty choosing which kopi-o i like more bcos both r really gd but sis thought tt tong ya's kopi is better haha.

A's rating: kaya toast 4.75/5, Teh 'C' Kao 4.75/5
J's rating: 4.75/5 for kaya toast, Kopi-o gao siu dai 4.7/5

Tong Ya Kaya Toast
36 Keong Saik Road
Mon-Fri 11am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 10.30pm
Sat & Sun 11am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 11pm

Alt Wed off

Geylang Briyani Stall aka Hamid's Briyani

J: I've never thought i would be brave enough to try mutton (my most disliked meat) twice a row within a week... following my fav ieatishoot recommendation, we sniffed our way to geylang serai temp mkt for nasi briyani~

just look at the rice! surprising each grain is v firm n separated, the rice is v 'pang' n not oily at all... im even more surprised tt it is not spicy for a non chilli eater like me. im totally in love with their fragrant rice. absolutely satisfying just by eating the rice with the gravy. i asked the owner whether chicken or mutton is nicer n he said chicken bcos its v tender... however in my opinion, e chicken is rather dry n i prefer e mutton which is more tender. it would have been better if not for the tendons! e curry isnt fantastic, it was on the salty side...

there was this stall which caught sis's attn (behind nasi briyani stall) bcos it had won many awards n gained much press. hence, being typical singaporeans, we decided to try their beef rendang. i thought the beef rendang was a little dry n hard but sis said its not bad for beef rendang alr. i cant really compare bcos this is my 1st beef rendang too!

J & A's ratings: 4.6/5 for rice, 4.5/5 for mutton, 4/5 for chicken n beef rendang

Geylang Briyani Stall aka Hamid's Briyani
Geylang Serai Temp Market
9am - 5pm

Closed: Monday

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Putu Piring

J: I've never had putu piring in my life because 
i thought its just the malay version of tutu kueh. Little did i know that not only do they taste different, their texture r quite different too. The texture of the putu piring is more powdery n less sticky than tutu kueh. Traditionally, the fillings for tutu kueh can be peanut or coconut but nowadays u can find some innovative ones with chocolate fillings etc. The filling used in putu piring is gula melaka. U gotta eat putu piring when its still piping hot because the gula melaka literally oozes out when u cut it open! Sweet satisfaction but can be tad too sweet for my liking. I'm not a fan of grated coconut but sis said that it tasted better when paired with grated coconut.
A: I first thought that putu piring was actually a larger version of tutu kueh. haha. I love anything with gula melaka! And this definitely satisfy my sweet tooth apart from the ondeh ondeh.

J's ratings: 4.25/5
A's ratings: 4.5/5

Putu Piring
Banquet Food Centre
Blk 12 Haig Road
Daily 12noon to 10.30pm
closed on the 2nd Tuesday of the month

Haji M Abdul Razack Stall- I've wasted 23years of my life!

J: How could i have missed this rare gem when ive lived in upper boon keng rd all my life? Since young, i've avoided mutton because i hated the smell of it. Even though i know that the mutton soup kambing in our market is very famous (even the taxi drivers know abt it & i was embarrassed when i told them ive nv tried it before even though i live there), i refused to head down n give it a go. It was until my europe trip's over, i told myself that if u dont try, u wont know if u will like it or not. So, we finally headed over to this stall and ordered mutton soup kambing ($6) with a plate of french loaf ($0.50). OMG i must have been a fool not to try it earlier! The soup was rich and flavored with lots of spices. Sis sweared that they had put in pepper because she choked on the 1st big mouthful but the stall owner denied that they used pepper. He refused to tell us what's in it but u can very well guess that they had used lots of spices to cover the strong mutton smell! When u soak the bread into the soup and bite it in ur mouth, the soup's squeezed n splashed all over onto ur tongue which is really v shiok. Coming to the mutton, its really tender! Good work! U can be sure that i will be coming back for more :P
A: Yes. Beware when you drink the first scoop of soup. BUT as Janelle mentioned earlier, it was really shiok eating the bread soaked in the soup. Soup was almost gone when our bread was finished. Their mutton soup was different from the chinese style of mutton soup. Chinese mutton soup then to be more oily and the soup is not as thick as Haji's mutton soup. I don't really like the Chinese mutton soup because of the strong mutton smell. Smell your breath after eating Haji's mutton soup! You'll be surprise that what leaves behind is the nice fragrance of the soup and not the mutton! Yummy!

J & A's ratings: 4.75/5
Haji M Abdul Razack Stall
17 Upper Boon Keng Food Centre
10am to 12mn (closed on tues)

QQ Rice- the place for wide variety of healthy rice!

J: Brought sis to try out the savoury mushroom & cheese crepe at saybons and i finally got to try the QQ rice. We ordered a combi of purple rice and mixed grains rice. U can create ur own QQ riceballs with 5 ingredients of ur choice at $3.90. We chose carrot, lettuce, egg, tuna and crispy yellow beans. The mixed grains rice is pretty normal without much taste but personally I really like the purple rice. It has the fragrant nutty taste because it is unmilled, leaving its dark husk in place. Another special thing was the crispy yellow beans which was really crispy and sweet. The others were very ordinary n i shant dwell into them.

A & J's ratings: 3.5/5

QQ Rice
Plaza Singapura Basement

Wah Yen Eating House- i found my no 1 kopi in sg!!

J: Our quest to find the ultimate kaya toast brought us all the way from Kallang to Sin Ming Road. Yes, we r tt crazy i know lol. But the trip wasn't a futile one! Upon reaching e kopitiam, we see a lot of ppl drinking kopi and eating the normal kaya toast which was toasted using the traditional white bread... However, we ordered the french toast with kaya which is toasted using the french loaf! This is certainly something new and refreshing to us. Woah upon sinking ur teeth into the toast, u can hear the shiok crispy sound~ Unlike the french toast served in HK cafes, their french loaves were delightfully toasted till the crust is crispy and slapped with their homemade kaya which isnt too sweet for me. Even after taking our own sweet time to enjoy our breakfast and sitting right in front of a big fan, the crust maintained its crispiness even as it cooled! The bread is still soft inside too.
Their half boiled eggs were cooked just right, not too watery nor hard and 1 egg is sufficient for me to soak all my kaya toast in it with leftovers.

But the best must be their kopi-o. I always liked old nanyang kopi from upper boon keng food centre becos their kopi is really aromatic n they roast quality coffee beans. This kopi-o is also very 'gao' n it gives e acidic after taste which i really like! I will really recommend kopi lovers to try it out!

A: I've tried french toast at elsewhere and I must say that their french toast is really different from others. Crispy even till the last bite! Although the french toast is nice, you must be very patience when ordering! It took us a while before the owner understood what we want. The owner of this store seem flustered when we're ordering. Perhaps it was busy in the morning. Make sure you order your toast and kopi correctly! If not, youll end up getting something different!
*Note: Is FRENCH TOAST! Not kaya toast!

J's ratings: 4.25/5 for french toast, 4.75/5 for kopi-o siu dai
A's ratings: 4.3/5 for french toast

Wah Yen Eating House
Blk 23 Sin Ming Road #01-01

Open 7.30am to 12.30am

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant

J: I've never appreciated Turkish cuisine until I went Berlin. When I was in Berlin, we tried the Doner Kebap and Durum Doner. Basically, both contain kebap sliced from the giant skewer along with onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, yoghurt sauce and pepper. The difference is that the former is a sliced flatbread while the latter is an extra-thin pita.

When we entered Sofra, we were immediately greeted by a waitress and service was really great. She gave us many recommendations and told us which are the ones that are popular with ladies. Sofra has also earned HPB's healthier choice label and gained much press.

Moving on to the food, we had sesame bread with
hummus for starters. The sesame bread is really crispy and the toasted sesame makes the bread really fragrant. The bread didnt lose its crispyness despite us taking a long time to finish eating it!

Hummus is something new to me. I've always loved chickpeas and this is the perfect appetizer for me. It's creamy and bursting with beany flavor of the chickpeas. I find that the best way to eat it with the bread is to spread it inside the sesame bread and when u bite it, hummus spread out onto ur tongue and complemented well with the sesame.

We had the Beyti Kebap ($16.50) which is spiced meat patties

rolled in the sesame bread. U have a choice of mixed beef & lamb, lamb or chicken. We ordered mixed beef & lamb. All along I'm not fond of mutton because I dislike strong mutton smell. I was really surprised as the meat patty covered the mutton smell really well, prob due to the inclusion of beef patty. The tomato sauce added a tangy flavor to this beef and lamb combination and prevented them from being too dry. One complaint is that once I slice the kebap, the meat patties and sesame bread fall apart which makes eating very cumbersome.

A: Next time I would like to try out the Chef's Plate. Combination of kebap, meat and bread. Hopefully it will be better than Beyti Kebap. :)

J & A's ratings: 4.5/5 for sesame bread, 4.25/5 for hummus, 4.25/5 for Beyti Kebap

Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant
100 Beach Road #02-42/43/44
Shaw Tower
Shaw Leisure Gallery
Singapore 189702

p/s: They're closed from 230 - 630pm.

Meng Kee Satay Bee Hoon

J: I've never been a fan of satay beehoon until I visited Meng Kee Satay Bee Hoon. This stall stood out from the rest once we reached the East Coast Lagoon Food Village on Sat 7pm. There was a crazy long at this stall which will really turn off some people but we walked for 30min all the way for this! There's no reason for us not to taste it having walked for so long right?

A: I must say that this satay beehoon really caught me in surprise! The peanut sauce is so fragrance and I can't help myself finishing up the whole plate. If you know, I don't really eat peanut or it's products!

After queuing for an hour (yes 1 hour!), we finally managed to snatch up 2 plates of this legendery satay beehoon which has gained much press and thumbs up from ieatishoot. The peanut sauce is really creamy and sweet and not too spicy. U can literally bite the roasted peanut chunks inside the sauce! The sauce is sooo gd that I can eat it on its own.

The satay beehoon is priced from $2 to $5 and we had the best $2 satay beehoon ever! For $2, the owner is really generous with the ingredients. There are slices of meat, veg, pork liver, cuttlefish & cockles with beehoon, topped with generous serving of peanut sauce. What more can u ask for?

J's rating: 4.5/5
A's rating: 4.7/5

Meng Kee Satay Bee Hoon
East Coast Lagoon Food Village Stall 17
6pm to 11.30pm
Closed Tuesdays

Sweet Stone Liège waffle & chocolate fondue

J: We have been missing our Swiss fondue and belgium waffles ever since we came back from our Europe trip. If I were to list the top 3 desserts I tasted in Europe that has the "ooOOmpH" factor, they would definitely be Swiss fondue from 'Des Alpes' in Interlaken, authentic Belgian chocolate waffle from 'Laurenzino Wafels' in Brugge and homemade bread pudding with custard from 'North Sea Fish Restaurant' in London. They are absolutely divine and I literally felt heaven upon the 1st mouthful!

Swiss fondue from 'Des Alpes'- thick warm chocolate fondue with nougats and nuts in it! What's so special about their fruits plate is that they added dried apricots which was something refreshing when dipped into the sweet choc fondue! The most shiok way of eating chocolate fondue is to dip ur fruits or marshmellows and suck the choc 1st when u placed them into your mouth. It's really shiok when u feel the choc running down ur throat! We think that bananas and marshmellows are the best marriage to choc fondue!

Belgian chocolate waffle from 'Laurenzino Wafels'~ Some of u might ask what's so special about belgian waffles? They look almost the same as what we find in singapore. Well, the first difference is distinctive.Unlike the usual liquid waffle batter used in singapore, belgian waffles are baked from dough. That's why you get a crispy crust on the outside and a soft chewy texture inside.

In my opinion, the perfect marriage to waffle is chocolate! Dip the freshly baked waffle into e rich belgian
chocolate and suck the chocolate while biting into the chewy Liège waffle, the mixture of sweetness, crispyness and chewy after taste is simply awesome!

After reading through our all time favourite "ieatishoot" food blog, we finally found a place to satisfy both our cravings for chocolate fondue and belgian waffles at hawker price! Welcome to the Sweet Stone at Golden Mile Food Centre~

For just $14.80, you get a belgian choc fondue, 2 waffles, fruits platter and 2 scoops of ice cream! Well, I must say although the waffle falls short of my expectations, it is still one of my top 3 waffles in singapore. We specifically requested for our waffles to be freshly baked instead of warming the prebaked ones that they had because we had previously tried the belgian waffle at old airport rd which was kind of disappointing when they merely warmed the waffles.

The owner was extremely accomodating and baked 2 waffles for us. Oh yes, he also mentioned that they were not affiliated to the old airport branch and proudly assured that theirs are of higher quality! It was a misunderstanding on my part to think that they were the same! sorry!!

Unlike the one I had in Brugge, this waffle is more bready but still decently delectable for a Liège waffle. "Liège waffles originated from the city of Liège, in eastern Belgium. They are richer, denser, sweeter, and more chewy waffles. They feature chunks of pearl sugar, which caramelize on the outside of the waffle, when baked, giving you the crunch and the sweetness of the waffle."

The owner begged to differ that warming a prebaked waffle will compromise its quality! He had even sent his waffles for lab tests and it has been proven that his waffles can be frozen up to a month without much compromise to its taste! Someday, I'm going to buy one back and try it haha. It was also very nice of him to share some tips with us. To warm ur waffle, preheat ur oven to 150oC and warm it for 45sec before eating.

Surprisingly, their chocolate is really fantastic and I highly recommend everyone to give it a try! It brought me back to the times spent in Brugge when I first tasted it. Yes, according to the owner, the choc is imported from Belgium so that the quality is not compromised. Also, unlike the Swiss fondue that we had in Interlaken which was warmed with candle, they actually microwave the claypot and pour warm choc into it. The reason is simple. The chocolate will be burnt if u warm it over a candle. However, I still prefer my choc to be warmed using a candle so that it can be kept warm throughout the makan session (it was done this way in Switz n the choc was not burnt). We recommended to the owner to try adding nougats or nuts into his choc but i guess he wants to retain the flavor of his belgian choc n its understandable. However, u r free to bring ur own toppings! Also, they dont sell the choc alone and it can only be bought with purchase of their waffles. One complaint from us is that we feel that the chocolate given was not enough. We finished the choc even before we finished the fruits platter! Yes, thats how good it is, almost on the verge of licking the claypot dry lol. But, u can always pay for additional choc at $1.

Lastly, I would like to comment on their gelato. There wasnt a lot of variety and I was rather disappointed with their gelato, with the exception of speculoos flavor. They homemade their ice cream daily from natural ingredients with no preservatives added. I thought the rest of the flavors were rather ordinary just like the ones u can easily buy from ntuc / the ice cream man outside schools. Angeline didn't like the fizzy apple flavor because its a sorbet. Just an ordinary sorbet that tasted sour to me. Speculoos however, was certainly refreshing n uncommon. It has an initial sweet caramel taste and a biscuit after taste. We certainly love it together with our waffles dipped with choc!

All in all, this place is definitely worth a visit for its quality and the price that u pay. U can be sure we will be back for its waffles but prob not the fondue because u pay less for the warm choc dip rather than warming the claypot for the same belgian choc. The marshmellows, fruits and choc dips can be purchased separately with the waffles.

P/s: Imo, the fondue is not really worth the price. They have waffle sets like Set A(1 waffle + 1 choc dip = $2.50), Set B(2 waffles + 1 choc dip = $4.20) etc. I think to make ur money worth, instead of paying $14.80 for the royal fondue, order 2 set As ($5) and bring ur own fruits! The choc dips r exactly e same as e fondue except they r not served in e microwaved claypot but they r still warm. Btw they only serve 3 scoops of choc dips in the clay pot. So even if u purchase additional choc dip n buy fruits from e fruit stalls, the price is still less than $14.80 :) For tt price, u can get 6 Set As which is definitely more shiok to satisfy all the sweet tooth out there lol!

A & J's Rating: 4.5/5 for waffles, 4.5/5 for belgian choc, 4/5 for Speculoos gelato

Sweet Stone
Golden Mile Food Centre
#01-67 (Beach Road)
Open everyday from 10:30am to 9:30pm