Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe II- Good morning, ginger~

J: This time round i ensured tt i brought my camera out but guess what? I left my SD card in my laptop!! omg not again!! :( The following pics were taken using my hp n really do e wonderful breakfast injustice.
I've been craving for ginger jam ever since Bryon treated us on our previous visit. How could I resist this refreshing & lightly sweetened scottish ginger jam? Previously, we spread e jam on our raisin scones n this time round, i tried to be innovative n thought to myself, "Why not ginger jam with orange ciabiatta?" Before I can even applaud myself for this creative combination, i find myself lamenting over e mistake i made... Well, ginger jam n orange ciabiatta taste great on their own but not together! The ginger jam was so overpowering tt it overwhelmed e orange ciabiatta. I could no longer taste e orange peel. I guess I should just stick to my scone with ginger jam next time.

A: The ciabiatta tasted best with their homemade kaya! Don't ever try to replace with jams! Jams are exclusively for scones only!

Ginger Jam
Orange Ciabiatta - crispy thin ciabiatta with tangy orange peel


Orange Ciabiatta with ginger jam

Ciabiatta with Kaya

This ciabiatta is oh-so-soft when we took e 1st bite. Just look at e air gaps inside e ciabiatta~ Unlike Cedele's ciabiatta which is toasted such tt e entire bread is crispier n drier, this ciabiatta is lightly toasted to give a slight crisp on its crust.

J: I wonder y this ciabiatta is much thicker than e orange ciabiatta. Hmmm... Anyone can enlighten me on this?

We simply loveeee their eggy kaya in contrast to e traditional sweeter smooth kaya tt we find in bakeries. The fragrance of e pandan, appropriate sweetness tt hits my tastebuds & e slight rough texture of e kaya won my heart over. They r really generous in e spread of kaya n i really appreciate tt! One minor complaint though, is tt e ciabiatta hardens upon cooling which means we gotta exercise my jaws harder. We should just order our second set after we finish e first next time so tt we can savour our food while they're still hot n fresh :)

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe also offer thick toast and they'll be adding french toast with nutella & bananas to their menu! (A: My favourite!!! haha!) OMG can u sense our excitement? We simply adore e nutella & banana crepe we had in paris n nv did we try it with french toast b4. We cant wait for it to be dished out soon~ (J: However, i will probably still prefer my traditional thick toast n french toast with peanut butter :P Will it win my heart over?)

Wondered how come we nv reviewed on their drinks before? We tried their kopi-o n teh-c on our 1st visit n unanimously agreed tt they arent thick or aromatic enough for us. Subsequently, we only ordered milo or horlicks kosong. Well, milo n horlicks cant go wrong right? :P

Next on our to-try-list: Thick toast, strawberry champagne jam, french toast with nutella & bananas!

J & A's ratings: 4.25/5 Ciabiatta with kaya

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