Thursday, 25 June 2009

Tong Ya Kaya Toast: Best toast in Singapore! We found it!

The crispiest toast in Singapore! We love Chinatown! That's where all the good food are. We were a little crazy that day. Normally people will eat their kaya toast in the morning but for us? We had it in the evening! haha..
A little insane but worth it! Another gem in Chinatown. We ordered the so called "Grade A" kaya toast, which is toast that was toasted earlier, set aside and toast it again when customer requested for the crispier kaya toast. You got to tell the owner you want the crisper version! If not, you'll end up getting the normal kaya toast. (U can actually c 2 diff packets of bread fr e stall, 1 is e normal white bread while e other has alr been toasted n will be retoasted when u request for tt!) The crust of the toast was so delicate that it broke off when we tried to dip into the soft boiled egg!

A: Tong Ya Kaya Toast will remain as my No.1 toast! Better than Ya Kun Kaya Toast. I must comment that their Teh 'C' Kao is the best i had in SG as well! It has the Ooomh factor! Shiok!

J: i thought ya kun's kaya toast is alr v crispy n nv did i think tt there exist an even crispier n such crumbly kaya toast which literally breaks off when dipped into e half boiled eggs! oh yes btw, 1 egg is definitely insufficient for 2 kaya toasts! i almost brushed e plate dry while dipping my toast in it lol. The kopi-o gao siu dai is also v shiok! however, it does lack in e acidic after taste unlike Wah Yen's kopi-o. i have difficulty choosing which kopi-o i like more bcos both r really gd but sis thought tt tong ya's kopi is better haha.

A's rating: kaya toast 4.75/5, Teh 'C' Kao 4.75/5
J's rating: 4.75/5 for kaya toast, Kopi-o gao siu dai 4.7/5

Tong Ya Kaya Toast
36 Keong Saik Road
Mon-Fri 11am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 10.30pm
Sat & Sun 11am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 11pm

Alt Wed off

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