Friday, 26 June 2009

Gen Shu Mei Shi Shi Jia- Super friendly Uncle Gen!

J: Brought mum to try out Gen Shu's hk cusine. We ordered the HK steamed rice with chicken and salted fish ($3.30), Congee with century egg and salted egg ($3), Double boiled soup of the day ($3.30) and Yam cake with preserved meat ($1.80).

I've always disliked yam cake bcos i felt it was rather heavy n hard (e closest description i can get to is prob e texture is similar to a block of mashed potatoes) . My liking has changed after i tried out gen shu's yam cake! It is e softest n most moist yam cake ive ever had! It would have been much better if it was served warm. I asked gen shu if e taste will differ if we da bao home n reheat it n he said there wouldnt be much diff, just steam it for a little while n it will taste as gd as what they served.

A: The yam cake is a must try if you ever visit this stall. Although the yam cake is not hot, but it definitely tasted good especially with the chilli sauce! The chilli sauce was made by Gen shu as well. What i like about it is the nice fragrance of the "xia mi" (dried shrimps) in the chilli sauce!
The chilli sauce was already gone when we were halfway eating the yam cake! It was a good combination with the yam cake. A bit of sweetness, salty (dried shrimps) and spicyness. Delicious!

J: My next fav dish is their congee. Gen shu told me not to add any soy sauce to their congee as he had already seasoned it well enough which is indeed true. And he's really generous with their ingredients! Every mouthful of congee is filled with lotsa fragrant roasted peanuts, century egg, ginger etc.Even for a non peanut lover like sis, she loved their roasted
peanuts! I like the consistency of their congee, not too watery nor sticky but its not the ultra smooth grainless congee like zhen zhen's congee either. It's thick enough with remaining unmashed rice grains for tt extra soft bite.

The steamed rice wasn't too bad either! The rice is really fragrant after mixing and its not as salty as other
steamed rice I've tried elsewhere. The chicken is tender but sis's only complaint is that there was not many salted fish in it lol. I'm not a fan of lup cheong so im not gg to comment on it.

A: I think I could just eat the steamed rice by itself! The rice is really "xiang~~~" But it tasted better with the small pieces of salted fish. It somehows brings out the fragrance of the rice. And the salted fish really increase your craving for food! I wished that i could asked for more salted fish next time! haha
Lastly comes our nutritious double boiled soup. It's a really light soup filled with generous servings of veg, red dates, tender pork ribs etc. However, there was no WOW factor but definitely better than my coffeeshop and hawker centre!

P/S: Gen shu is really frenly n chatty! This stall has been ard for 4 yrs alr! He enjoys fishing in msia haha. Talked to him for v long in cantonese lol. Qt impressed with myself as well :P

J's ratings: 4.6/5 yam cake, 4.5/5 congee, 4.3/5 steamed rice, 4/5 double boiled soup
A's ratings: 4.5/5 yam cake, 4.75/5 congee, 4.25/5 steam rice, 3.75/5 double boiled soup

Gen Shu Mei Shi She Jia
Toa Payoh Lor 4

Blk 74 Food Centre
Opens 6am till sold out around lunch time
U can call to reserve so that u dont hafta wait! They have different double boiled soups n steamed rice daily. Call to check out the food of the day :D
Closed on Mondays

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