Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant

J: I've never appreciated Turkish cuisine until I went Berlin. When I was in Berlin, we tried the Doner Kebap and Durum Doner. Basically, both contain kebap sliced from the giant skewer along with onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, yoghurt sauce and pepper. The difference is that the former is a sliced flatbread while the latter is an extra-thin pita.

When we entered Sofra, we were immediately greeted by a waitress and service was really great. She gave us many recommendations and told us which are the ones that are popular with ladies. Sofra has also earned HPB's healthier choice label and gained much press.

Moving on to the food, we had sesame bread with
hummus for starters. The sesame bread is really crispy and the toasted sesame makes the bread really fragrant. The bread didnt lose its crispyness despite us taking a long time to finish eating it!

Hummus is something new to me. I've always loved chickpeas and this is the perfect appetizer for me. It's creamy and bursting with beany flavor of the chickpeas. I find that the best way to eat it with the bread is to spread it inside the sesame bread and when u bite it, hummus spread out onto ur tongue and complemented well with the sesame.

We had the Beyti Kebap ($16.50) which is spiced meat patties

rolled in the sesame bread. U have a choice of mixed beef & lamb, lamb or chicken. We ordered mixed beef & lamb. All along I'm not fond of mutton because I dislike strong mutton smell. I was really surprised as the meat patty covered the mutton smell really well, prob due to the inclusion of beef patty. The tomato sauce added a tangy flavor to this beef and lamb combination and prevented them from being too dry. One complaint is that once I slice the kebap, the meat patties and sesame bread fall apart which makes eating very cumbersome.

A: Next time I would like to try out the Chef's Plate. Combination of kebap, meat and bread. Hopefully it will be better than Beyti Kebap. :)

J & A's ratings: 4.5/5 for sesame bread, 4.25/5 for hummus, 4.25/5 for Beyti Kebap

Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant
100 Beach Road #02-42/43/44
Shaw Tower
Shaw Leisure Gallery
Singapore 189702
p/s: They're closed from 230 - 630pm.

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