Thursday, 25 June 2009

Food for Thought: Whats ur thought on this?

J: i had mixed feelings when i tried this old fashioned red velvet cake from food for thought. it was a cake which ive never had before n i cant compare it with. it doesnt really taste like a cake n e texture seemed to be smth in btw a cake n a kueh. we were v curious to find out whats inside e cake n after asking e waitress, we were really surprised tt this is actually a vanilla pound cake, n guess where did e red colour come from? cherries! i couldnt taste any vanilla nor cherry from e cake. i just felt v confused as i was eating it lol. e cream cheese, however, was too heavy n a little sour for my liking. cedele's cream cheese frosting is definitely better than this. i cant say tt i particularly like or dislike it but i wouldnt go back specially for this cake again. would gladly try it again if a grp of us r sharing e cake at food for thought. sis wants to try their carrot cake n banana choc cake so tt we can compare them with cedele n secret receipe's cakes. so, we will be back!

A: Red velvet cake tested like an ordinary cake to me with cream cheese frosting. If I didnt know it was vanilla pund cake mixed with cherries, I would thought that it was a beetroot cream cheese cake! The texture of the pound cake does not taste like the normal vanilla pound cake instead, the texture is more like tapioca cake to me! haha! It's more sticky unlike the normal soft and moist pound cake. I feel that if they're able enhance the flavour of cherries in the cake and making the cream cheese frosting lighter, it will definitely be a real special red velvet cake. If not, I would say it's a "red tapioca cake with cream cheese frosting"! Do try it as this unusual red velvet cake will give you a total different visual and sensuous experience!

J's ratings: 4/5
A's rating: 3.75/5

Food for Thought
420 North Bridge Road
North Bridge Centre
9am to 10 plus daily
Last order at 9pm
Closed on Sundays

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