Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wah Yen Eating House- i found my no 1 kopi in sg!!

J: Our quest to find the ultimate kaya toast brought us all the way from Kallang to Sin Ming Road. Yes, we r tt crazy i know lol. But the trip wasn't a futile one! Upon reaching e kopitiam, we see a lot of ppl drinking kopi and eating the normal kaya toast which was toasted using the traditional white bread... However, we ordered the french toast with kaya which is toasted using the french loaf! This is certainly something new and refreshing to us. Woah upon sinking ur teeth into the toast, u can hear the shiok crispy sound~ Unlike the french toast served in HK cafes, their french loaves were delightfully toasted till the crust is crispy and slapped with their homemade kaya which isnt too sweet for me. Even after taking our own sweet time to enjoy our breakfast and sitting right in front of a big fan, the crust maintained its crispiness even as it cooled! The bread is still soft inside too.
Their half boiled eggs were cooked just right, not too watery nor hard and 1 egg is sufficient for me to soak all my kaya toast in it with leftovers.

But the best must be their kopi-o. I always liked old nanyang kopi from upper boon keng food centre becos their kopi is really aromatic n they roast quality coffee beans. This kopi-o is also very 'gao' n it gives e acidic after taste which i really like! I will really recommend kopi lovers to try it out!

A: I've tried french toast at elsewhere and I must say that their french toast is really different from others. Crispy even till the last bite! Although the french toast is nice, you must be very patience when ordering! It took us a while before the owner understood what we want. The owner of this store seem flustered when we're ordering. Perhaps it was busy in the morning. Make sure you order your toast and kopi correctly! If not, youll end up getting something different!
*Note: Is FRENCH TOAST! Not kaya toast!

J's ratings: 4.25/5 for french toast, 4.75/5 for kopi-o siu dai
A's ratings: 4.3/5 for french toast

Wah Yen Eating House
Blk 23 Sin Ming Road #01-01

Open 7.30am to 12.30am

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