Thursday, 25 June 2009

Geylang Briyani Stall aka Hamid's Briyani

J: I've never thought i would be brave enough to try mutton (my most disliked meat) twice a row within a week... following my fav ieatishoot recommendation, we sniffed our way to geylang serai temp mkt for nasi briyani~

just look at the rice! surprising each grain is v firm n separated, the rice is v 'pang' n not oily at all... im even more surprised tt it is not spicy for a non chilli eater like me. im totally in love with their fragrant rice. absolutely satisfying just by eating the rice with the gravy. i asked the owner whether chicken or mutton is nicer n he said chicken bcos its v tender... however in my opinion, e chicken is rather dry n i prefer e mutton which is more tender. it would have been better if not for the tendons! e curry isnt fantastic, it was on the salty side...

there was this stall which caught sis's attn (behind nasi briyani stall) bcos it had won many awards n gained much press. hence, being typical singaporeans, we decided to try their beef rendang. i thought the beef rendang was a little dry n hard but sis said its not bad for beef rendang alr. i cant really compare bcos this is my 1st beef rendang too!

J & A's ratings: 4.6/5 for rice, 4.5/5 for mutton, 4/5 for chicken n beef rendang

Geylang Briyani Stall aka Hamid's Briyani
Geylang Serai Temp Market
9am - 5pm

Closed: Monday

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