Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Haji M Abdul Razack Stall- I've wasted 23years of my life!

J: How could i have missed this rare gem when ive lived in upper boon keng rd all my life? Since young, i've avoided mutton because i hated the smell of it. Even though i know that the mutton soup kambing in our market is very famous (even the taxi drivers know abt it & i was embarrassed when i told them ive nv tried it before even though i live there), i refused to head down n give it a go. It was until my europe trip's over, i told myself that if u dont try, u wont know if u will like it or not. So, we finally headed over to this stall and ordered mutton soup kambing ($6) with a plate of french loaf ($0.50). OMG i must have been a fool not to try it earlier! The soup was rich and flavored with lots of spices. Sis sweared that they had put in pepper because she choked on the 1st big mouthful but the stall owner denied that they used pepper. He refused to tell us what's in it but u can very well guess that they had used lots of spices to cover the strong mutton smell! When u soak the bread into the soup and bite it in ur mouth, the soup's squeezed n splashed all over onto ur tongue which is really v shiok. Coming to the mutton, its really tender! Good work! U can be sure that i will be coming back for more :P
A: Yes. Beware when you drink the first scoop of soup. BUT as Janelle mentioned earlier, it was really shiok eating the bread soaked in the soup. Soup was almost gone when our bread was finished. Their mutton soup was different from the chinese style of mutton soup. Chinese mutton soup then to be more oily and the soup is not as thick as Haji's mutton soup. I don't really like the Chinese mutton soup because of the strong mutton smell. Smell your breath after eating Haji's mutton soup! You'll be surprise that what leaves behind is the nice fragrance of the soup and not the mutton! Yummy!

J & A's ratings: 4.75/5
Haji M Abdul Razack Stall
17 Upper Boon Keng Food Centre
10am to 12mn (closed on tues)

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