Saturday, 5 December 2009

Sweet Indulgence II - U.D.D.E.R.S


You want a piece of me?

We are waffle fans as most of you may have known by now, searching around for the best waffles in town. No matter how far it is, we always managed to make our way there.

While some failed to make the mark, there are still memorable ones that simply blown us away.

In our hearts, we know you're the one.

The freshly baked buttery waffle topped with our beloved pistachio and strawberry fields ice-cream, it was simply divine. Even our little sister prefers strawberry fields over her lychee martini and king mao shan wang!
A sweet treat for such a wonderful sunday outing.

Our love...

Do join us, for the sensual sweet indulgence....

Read our first visit at Udders here and check out the best waffles in town here.

155 Thomson Road
Goldhill Centre
Singapore 307608

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