Friday, 28 August 2009

Sweet Stone Parad'Ice- The Angmoh Liège Waffle War!

Sweet Stone Parad’Ice caught our attention when we had our dinner at Old Airport Road Food Centre. It reminded us of Sweet Stone Holdings (SSH), the Liège waffle stall at Golden Mile Food Centre. The store display and prices bear close resemblance to its competitor.
James, the owner of Sweet Stone holdings, once told us that they are the original Liège waffle stall. We had a little chat with the owner of Sweet Stone Parad’Ice. He told us that the angmoh and James were once partners. But things changed when the partnership ended. And this led to intense competition between the two Liège waffle stalls. So which is the original Liège waffle stall? Well, we wouldn’t care much as long as we get to eat good waffles and belgian chocolates! We‘re waffles & chocolates fanatics remember? Haha

And this led to the next question:
Which is better?
Sweet Stone Holdings or Parad’Ice?

We specifically asked for freshly baked waffle instead of the premade ones and requested for more chocolate. Definitely in terms of generosity, Parad’Ice won hands down because without hesitation, the owner topped up our choc dip so much that for the 1st time, we actually had tiny bit of choc left after finishing our waffles!

Set A- 1 waffle + 1 choc dip $2.50, Set B- 2 waffles + 1 choc dip $4.30
The waffle here is more similar to the Liège waffle that we had in Brugge. It is more chewy than SSH's rendition of bready Liège waffle. The waffle was also coated with coarser sugar crystal to give an extra crisp. Hence, it is also sweeter than SSH's caramelised waffles. The owner did accede to our request for "MORE chocolate please!". We like the fact that the chocolate dip was really thick and intense. We could fully dip all the waffle into the chocolates even till the last bit! We love it so much that we ordered one set each after sharing the first set!
(A: We always requested more chocolate from SSH but they are usually more reluctant and stingy in the portion of choc dip due to high costs. The owner from Parad'Ice explained that they usually give smaller portions of choc because they can't afford wastage of these expensive heavenly belgian chocs but wouldn't mind giving more to those who can appreciate & finish this sweet treat =D)
(J: SSH though did impress me many times but their quality can be quite inconsistent. At times, their waffles can be quite crispy, prob due to over-heating. Sometimes, their choc can be quite diluted and not warm enough to give you e shiok factor.)
Both stalls may claim that they are the original Liège waffle stalls. But to us, it's the quality that matters. So who wins? We chose the latter.

J's & A’s rating: 4.75/5 for waffle, 4.8/5 chocolate

Sweet Stone Parad’Ice
Old Airport Road Market & Food Centre #01-85
Open daily but closed from 2.30 - 5.30pm

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