Saturday, 11 July 2009

Swiss Culture- Best Service & Fondue Award~

J: Was feeling grouchy e entire day after convocation ceremony bcos my lousy heels made my toe swollen & my feet hurt from all the walking. Went to island creamery to eat e famous apple pie ice cream but it failed to impress me with its soggy pie crust. Boy, was I glad to find Swiss Culture. Having read a review online on its chocolate fondue, how could i resist its calling?

The 1st thing which impressed me most was the unparalleled service from Swiss Culture. Now, this is what I call good service & willingly paid for the service charge. The waiter led us to a table n seeing tt we had no place to put our bags, he promptly brought over 2 stools for us to leave our bags on. Then, ice water was served and they kept refilling our water w/o us knowing (alright perhaps we were too engrossed in enjoying e delicacies lol). When serving the rosti, he also brought along 2 small plates for us even though we didnt tell him tt we're sharing. Then, he politely told us to inform him when we're done with the rosti so that he can serve us our highlight, chocolate fondue! Oh yes, they were also very familiar with their menu & could give remarkable recommendations. Excellent service, Swiss Culture!

This rosti is really delicious! It was soo crispy on the outside that we felt as though we were eating potato chips!(A: It reminds me of hashbrown..crispy on the outside but yet firm on the inside.) Unlike Cafe Oliv's rosti which was panfried using shredded potato, Swiss Culture's rosti was panfried using potatoes strips, and therefore much firmer, crunchier and much more crispy!The potatoes inside were moist n soft but yet firm! Their sour cream is also more sour which really whets my appetite. Also, the sauce they used for their salad, which we had no idea what it was, was sour too. Citrus dressing perhaps?? This dish on the whole is a gd starter.
(A: I would probably give a higher rating if it was panfried perfectly.)

We saw e table next to us eating cheese fondue and the meat platter which looks really really yummy. But they're so expensive! We hope we have a chance to try them though. Swiss culture is a gd place for a big group to dine in bcos they have so many dishes tt r suitable for group sharing! Any makan kakis interested in a foodie outing to Swiss Culture? =P

Rosti with Sour Cream (5.80)
* Not in the menu. You can request for the rosti only. Otherwise, it is served with main course*
IMG_3737e.jpg picture by angeline110

Chocolate Fondue ($14.80)
chocofondue.jpg picture by angeline110

We replaced e strawberries with bananas as usual. The 1st dip into e chocolate was disappointing as we were expecting piping hot, if not warm dark chocolate. However, this was only the beginning. As we stirred the chocolate with our fruit n marshmellow dips, the choc became warmer n warmer! More SHIOK towards the end! Just look at e bubbling hot choc! *droolz* We love the molten dark chocolate used as its not overly sweet but was expecting nuts & nougats inside though. Dont be deceived by this small bowl of chocolate. It may look like they're stingy on e quantity of choc but NO! After finishing e entire plate of choc dips, there r still choc left! The choc is sooo good tt we actually drank it like hot dark chocolate on its own! hahaha soooo sinful but satisfactory!
IMG_3746e.jpg picture by angeline110

How we wished that we had Sweet Stones Belgium Waffles here so that we could dip into this fabulous dark chocolate fondue!!

J's ratings: 4.5/5 rosti, 4.8/5 choc fondue
A's ratings: 4.25/5, 4.5 if panfried perfectly
4.8/5 for chocolate fondue

Visit for more info

Swiss Culture Restaurant Pte Ltd
3 Temasek Boulevard
#03-006 Suntec City Mall
6333 5919
Sun to Thurs 11am - 930pm
Fri, Sat, Eve & PH 11am - 10pm


ladyironchef said...

Janelle: I can never understand how ladies can walk and even run in heels. haha ahh this is the one u are talking about, i heard of it from my friend, but never try it before. Best fondue? that's a high tag. haha I never really try any, very good bread pudding, the ones i tried mostly from buffets :D

SF said...

J: Haha i only wear heels when i really have to. They really take a toll on my poor feet :( In ur opinion, what makes a good bread pudding?

SF said...

A: heex..cause we've been making bread pudding for ourselves and friends at home! Hope to make a perfect one!

ladyironchef said...

J: hahaha i don't know man, I'm an expert in dessert. heh yeah the feet so poor thing!

A: I WANT! remember save some for me. haha

J&A: Btw, i just tried the bread pudding from hairloom & caramel, its not bad, maybe u girls go and try then tell me if it's up to your expectations :)

SF said...

A: haha! wait till I've perfect the bread pudding 1st! Perhaps could let u try in the future. haha!