Sunday, 5 July 2009

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe : Yummy scones!

Didn't expect that they will have such yummy raisin scones here! (J: Unlike Cedele's scones which were more cakey, this scone is softer inside and not too dry! Previously when we tried their scones, they actually topped the scones with cinnamon n sprinkled some sugar on top which gives the scone extra crunch on e top crust. It's as though the top is caramelized.) The scone was served with strawberry jam when we 1st tried it. When we went back today, we requested the scones to be served with orange marmalade.
*Got to top up 50 cents if you want other jams!*
Scones with orange marmalade had a very special taste of e orange peel.
And we were lucky on saturday as the owner of the cafe, Bryon was there and he let us try the ginger jam from scotland! It was so delicious! Even better than the orange marmalade! Janelle and I both hate ginger because of the spicyness but this ginger jam is not spicy at all!
It was sweet with the ginger fragrance. Very refreshing! (J: It perks me up immediately)
It was the best jam we've tasted so far.
Feeling unsatisfied as usual, we order 2nd serving of the raisin scone each. And Bryon was kind enough to give us extra serving of ginger jam without charging us extra!
Wanted to buy the ginger jam but it was freaking ex!! $13 for a small bottle.
They do have other special jam such as strawberry with champagne. We would love to try it next time. Do try the ginger jam if you're there! Unique, refreshing & de-li-cious!

A's rating: 4.75/5 raisin scone, 4.75/5 ginger jam
J's rating: 4.6/5 raisin scone, 4.75/5 ginger jam

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe
133 New Bridge Road, #03-01
Byron 81331882
Open 8am to 8.30pm Mon-Fri
Sat, Sun and PH 10.30am to 8.30pm


liverpool1965 said...

Thanks for dropping by my cafe ladies! :)

Will be introducing a french toast filled with nutella and bananas soon! I'll let you know!

SF said...

J: OMG angeline will be thrilled to know that! She loves nutella with bananas. So far we only had nutella n banana crepe but not french toast. Personally I prefer my french toast and thick toast with peanut butter though but I would still like to try ur new addition to e menu :)

SF said...

A: Yeah!! I can't wait!!! ^^