Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Nam Seng Noodles & Fried Rice- Everyone Loves Grandma's Food!

J: Brought mummy to Nam Seng at Far East Square today for lunch. Managed to meet the legendary Poh Poh who has served signature Cantonese dishes for almost 50 years! She supervises & mans the cash register while her staff whips up the dishes. I ordered wanton mee for myself and venison horfun for mummy.

The wanton mee served here is unlike the dry wanton mee elsewhere where they r served with ketchup sauce or the black sauce. I'm not really sure of the sauce that they used but I think that the noodles and sauce complemented each other really well! As I'm not a fan of charsiew (bcos i find them dry & hard, so i shant comment on it), I actually finished the entire plate of noodles with veg & sauce alone! It's really delectable~ However, I think the noodles can be more "Q" or springy. The next thing I wanna rave about is their soup & wanton! OMG~ they r d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!! I almost finished e entire bowl of soup on my own n both me n mummy love e wanton~

A: I wonder why I don't eat wanton mee previously. This wanton mee here is sooo good! Springy noodles withour the sour taste which i hate in yellow noodles. And their wanton here is defintely one of the kind! Where else can you find such a delicious wanton! No complain at all! Thin skin + full of meat fillings! The meat is so fresh! However i feel that the char siew could be better. It lacks the bbq taste which could bring out the flavour of the char siew. I feel that it could be more juicier!

Wanton Mee $4
Just look at e skin of e wanton... It's really THIN n SLIPPERY. I bet grandma has no problems finishing dozens of wantons all by herself! Upon sinking ur teeth into e wanton, e succulent pink minced pork greets u warmly. Yes, $4 for wanton mee can be a little on e high side but they're generous with e charsiew n wanton! I think there r 6 wantons if i rmb correctly n loads of charsiew as seen in e pic!
A & J's ratings: 4.25/5 for noodles with sauce, 4.6/5 for wanton & soup!
I cant really comment on the venison horfun cos ive only had 2 spoonfuls. But mummy loves it so much tt she kept a name card n said tt she will be back again for more! :D Personally, I think tt the gravy is rather light. Light? Yes, usually for such gravy, they're salty but not grandma's horfun gravy. I feel tt it will be better if black pepper r added.

Venison Hor Fun $4
Nam Seng Noodles & Fried Rice
25 China Street #01-01
Far East Square
Singapore 049567
Tel: 64385669
HP: 96896288

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