Friday, 18 December 2009

Royal China II - Embrace The Royal Egg Tart


RC had indeed left a deep impression in our minds since the first time we visited. It was them who made us fell in love with char siew sor and custard bun over and over again.

We were back once again, with more surprises awaiting upon us!

Crusty, flaky, buttery and crispy.
Oh yea..this baby has it all. Freshly baked Egg Tart ($3.60) straight from the oven. The petite cute egg tart with warm wobbly egg custard in the centre was simply divine. We were literally dumbfounded when we took our first bite. A real gem indeed!
Needless to say, one is NOT enough!

J's & A's rating: 4.5/5

Char Siew Sor ($4) is another one of our "must order" item whenever we go for dim sum.


Having tried this for the second time, we felt that the one at Taste Paradise won a notch ahead in the race since their char siew sauce gave us the sweetness satisfaction and their flaky pastry was more fragrant and buttery.


We came for the custard bun too, but was informed later that they'd replaced it with something else instead!

Black Sesame Bun (right) is just another soft bun with floy black sesame paste. It was not bad but the molten mango salted egg custard bun still triump over this!

The Fried Salmon Dumpling (left) was a bit of disappointment. It was packed with fresh crunchy prawns, with minimal salmon flakes. It was a so salty that J actually spat it out upon the second bite.


A & J's rating: 3.5/5 black sesame bun, 3/5 Fried Salmon Dumpling

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ladyironchef said...

when did u all go back? lei garden is not too bad too

Anonymous said...

whoa, the egg tart looks so inviting! the one over at he ji @ aljunied is awesome too you may like that. =) thanks for the review and the pics!! cheers! happy holidays.