Saturday, 7 November 2009

Taste Paradise - Our Love For Dim Sum Never Wavers

We thought RC was good.
But...can this be even better?


Classy and elegant interior. TP's dining utensils are so exquisite to such extent that even their chopsticks are gold plated! What amuses us more is that the pop music they played such as Jay Chou's songs were remixed into slow contemporary chinese oldies version. We love the ambience as it gives us the feeling of being tai-tais, enjoying our favourite dim sum dishes at reasonable prices. Attentive service was commendable too, with the waiters refilling our teas promptly and food being served swiftly.

We were really lucky to have secured ourselves two cozy spots in this restaurant despite not having made any reservations in advance. You can even draw down the binds if you want some privacy, how cool is that?! However, we were only given an hour to finish our food as the tables were fully booked. But who cares? 1 hour is more than enough for us to have our charsiew sou and custard bun fix! =D

Rest of the dim sum dishes that we tried were either average or mediocre so let's just skip them and jump to the highlights, shall we? =P

J's favourite: Baked BBQ Pork Puff ($3.60 for 3)
Extremely juicy charsiew with just the right amount of fats tantalized our tastebuds and certainly made them ecstatic. TP's charsiew sauce was less sweet and their puffs were less buttery as compared to RC's but still delicious!

J was screaming for "One more plate please!!!" when she first sank her teeth into this flaky pastry. How can we ever resist you?!


A & J's rating: 4.75/5

A's favourite: Custard Bun ($3.60 for 3)
Oh boy, this baby is real good.
Hot, molten custard lava exploded in our mouths like a volcano and even spilled onto our plates and hands.
It was a mess, but we love it~~ What's missing in this custard bun is the sweet mango which RC added but it didn't bother us because this is heavenly! The perfect marriage of sweetness from the custard and saltiness from the salted egg yolk is more than mere satisfaction to justify the omission of sweet mango. Yumyum~



A &J's rating: 4.75/5

Other dim sums that we had..

Egg Tart

Steamed Scallop & Crab meat Dumpling

Xiao Long Bao with Foie Gras

Fried Almond Prawn Ball

It was a close fight between RC and TP based on charsiew sou and custard bun alone. We would say they're probably on par, if not with TP slightly leading ahead. Should we ditch our camp at RC and pledge our loyalty to TP? This is really a dilemma but probably not. On average, the quality of RC's dim sum seems to take an upperhand over TP's, which are more forgettable. But if we were ever to be in town, TP would definitely be the choice to satisfy our dim sum cravings!

Taste Paradise
No. 2 Orchard Turn
#04-07 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6509 9660

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