Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Privé Bakery Café - Brunch By The Harbour


We love eggs,
We love pancakes,
We simply love breakfast,
And we truly believe that such a blissful meal, or rather brunch should be enjoyed in a relaxed, quiet setting.
We were just like kids, smiling jubilantly upon seeing our favourite breakfast being dished out before us.

Brunch at Prive Bakery was indeed enjoyable and memorable. It's almost like a cafe situated on a little island paradise, a stone's throw away from the bustling city.
Prince Egg Royale ($13.50), you're just like a magnet drawing us towards you, mesmerizing us with your charm.


All-time-favourite poached eggs with smoked salmon on English muffin; drizzled with hollandaise sauce, an irresistible sight to behold. However, the miserable portion of hollandaise sauce was regrettably lackluster and forgettable, which fell short of what we tasted from Patisserie Valerie  in London. We couldn't enquire more on Valerie's hollandaise sauce cos' it's their secret recipe! Smoked salmon was pretty average, but the poached eggs with runny yolks were perfectly done.

A & J's ratings: 4.25/5


We want eggs, we got it.
We want pancakes, and we got Fluffy Pancakes!


Thick, buttery, Fluffy Pancakes ($12) with bananas and strawberries sandwiched between the layers and a finishing touch of icing sugar, was simply divine. Accompanied by its sweet escorts, maple syrup and honeycomb whipped cream, we were on cloud nine when we felt the sugar rush through our bodies upon placing the pancakes into our mouths. Do you see the bees buzzing around? =P

A's rating: 4.25, J's ratings: 4/5

J's eyes lit up and she smiled delightfully upon the first sip. Gosh, it was orgasmic and heavenly. We flew to the peanut butter heaven immediately and had a dance party with Mr Skippy, Peter Pan, Jill, Adams, Smuckers... Sinfully rich and sweet, we were sosososooo overwhelmed with peanut butter goodness! Definitely not for the diabetic cos it'll escalate your blood sugar levels rocket high.
Meet our latest love - Peanut Butter & Jelly Milkshake ($11). 
Chewing on small bits of red flesh in the milkshake, we were wondering... hmmmm raisins... or prunes maybe?
Never did we expect that the milkshake was a blend of peanut butter, strawberry jam and vanilla ice cream. A unique, remarkable taste which kept us hooked and wanting for MORE!

A & J's ratings: 4.5/5


Ending our brunch on a sweet note with Prive's Carrot Cake ($6.80)


Oh my.. the tall, almighty carrot was huge!
Walnuts, checked. Carrots, checked. Cinnamon, checked. Cream cheese, checked. Moisture, checked. Check check check!
Packed with chunks of california walnuts and shredded carrots, it was really moist, even Cedele has to take a backseat in this aspect. The taste of cinnamon was rather discernible too.
Smooth cream cheese with a hint of zesty lemon differentiated itself from our favourite maple cream cheese frosting from Cedele. It was creamier too, which probably came closer to the texture of whipped cream.
There was nothing much to complain about this wonderful piece of carrot cake, but we still prefer Cedele's rendition even though they do lack in quality control across different branches. We concluded that the Raffles Shopping Centre Cedele Bakery Depot serves the best carrot cake among its outlets.

A & J's ratings: 4.25/5


Brunch at Privé Bakery Café was absolutely amazing and we'll be back! Stay tuned~

Privé Bakery Café
2 Keppel Bay Vista
GF Marina @ Keppel Bay
Tel: 6776 0777


ladyironchef said...

try the hazelnut praline next time :)

PY said...

the egg looks very very very tempting!

SistaFood said...

LIC: Definitely! We will then tell you whether it's better than Hilton! :)

PY: Then what are you waiting for? Go try it out! :D

Alicia said...

I agree that Cedele's version of carrot cake is still better. I simply adore the abundance of walnut and frosting on Cedele's carrot cake. :P

SistaFood said...

Alicia: Yeah! All hail cedele! :)

shirin said...

hi, i'm a new reader to your blog, your photos are gorgeous! :) and the brunch looks so yummy! :)

SistaFood said...

[shirin] Thanks for the compliments! :)