Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant - JUMBO, the Big name in seafood.

We'd decided on this perfect day to give our noble, beloved Mummy a little treat!

There is only one reason why we are here...to feast on Chilli crab!

Chilli Crab ($40/kg)
It's been ages since we ate chilli crab. We love to dip the fried man tou into the sweet, spicy crab gravy. But the man tou here was so TINY! One more man tou for each of us please!
The flesh was thick, fresh and juicy, with the sweetness of crab meat lingering in our mouths. We simply adore chilli crab, or should we say chilli crab sauce with fried man tou?! The only grouse was that there isn't any crab roe! Perhaps it was a male crab? o.O

A & J's rating: 4.25/5

Salted Egg Golden Prawn $20
This is one of Jumbo's signature dish. The salted egg sauce certainly added a nice twist in taste as compared to some other common prawn dishes. Each mouthful was savoury and the sweetness of the fresh prawns simply burst in our mouths. This dish was well-balanced with hint of spice and sweetness. Crunchy, savoury and sweet prawns, irresistible indeed!

A & J's ratings: 4.25/5

Stir-fried Broccoli with Garlic ($12)
Just your usual safe broccoli dish. Decent albeit being a little salty, nothing to shout about.

A & J's rating: 3.75/5

Steamed Cod Fish with Chilli ($9)
An easily forgotten dish... the only thing we could remember was that we had only 3 mouthfuls each. Enough said. (A: I believe my mummy can cook this better than them! Besides, this serving can be easily finished by one person.)

A & J's ratings: 3.5/5

We only ordered 4 items for the three of us. The chilli crab with the fried mantou itself was filling enough. But we can't help pondering whether the food at Jumbo was worth the price. Just think for a second, $20 for 8 Salty Egg Golden Prawns and $9 for a tiny steamed fish? For the price, you can easily get a better deal elsewhere. Next time we will just go for their chilli crab only!

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
2 Stadium Walk
#01-05 Singapore Indoor Stadium
Operating Hours:
Daily: 12noon - 3pm,
6pm - 11.15pm


BK said...

Hi there, you girls are always tempting us in the middle of the night! Just look at thick, juicy crab claw, I want chilli crab now!

SistaFood said...

[BK] Haha, we actually ordered the smallest crab of about 1.1kg for the 3 of us and its alr so satisfying!:)

Ethan Sieow said...

Love the photography and description. Feels like I'm sitting at the restaurant eating chilli crab with friends instead of staring at my LCD monitor all alone lol.

Two claws up!

SistaFood said...

Thanks Ethan! Gather your friends and eat chilli crab together! That portion of chilli crab can be eaten by 3 person! :)