Sunday, 4 October 2009

D'Bun - Super Mini Char Siew Bun

Hand made buns for you?

We were heading for lunch when we passed by this cute little shop. We just couldn't resist the temptation of the cute mini buns calling out to us on the display!

Mini Char Siew Bun ($0.70)
The char siew filling has a nice charred flavour which you can't find in many normal machine-made char siew bun. It's so tiny that you can finish it in just 2 mouthfuls! However, it was a pity that the bun was not soft and fluffy enough.


A & J's rating: 3/5

Yuan Yang Bun ($1.50)
The person who came up with the marriage of red bean paste and lotus paste is really ingenious! The paste in this bun was smooth and good. However, the salted yolk was tad too hard. It was the soft, thin layered bun that stood out! We prefer this over the char siew bun. Delightful indeed!
(J: Actually, i don't really appreciate my bun to be layered in this manner. The layers peeled off easily. Give me my thin, fluffy soft bun and I'll be happy :))

A & J's rating: 4/5

358 Joo Chiat Road
Jalan of Marshall & Joo Chiat Rd
8am to 10pm


Hui Yuan said...

The big bao is good!

SistaFood said...

A:[Hui Yuan]
Really?? Shall try it out next time round :)