Thursday, 6 August 2009

Riyadh Muslim Food- Crispy, fluffy pratas~

We finally dragged ourselves to Riyadh Muslim Food which is inaccessibly located amidst some industrial park in Defu Lane. Finally found the place after making many wrong turns!

The stall is easily identifiable from its queue. There are 3 ppl in charge of making the prata. The 1st guy flip and toss the prata from the dough before passing on to the 2nd guy. Guy 2 press the dough and throw it onto the pan and the last guy flip the pratas on the pan, ensuring that they're cooked to perfection. End result? Small crispy, flaky and fluffy prata like none others! Their pratas can easily be torn apart unlike those chewy pratas where u have to take the extra effort in cutting the prata into smaller pieces. Way to go!

A & J's Rating: 4.5/5

Riyadh Muslim Food
Blk 32 Defu Lane 10
Stall 12 Soon Soon Lai Eating House
6.30 - 7pm daily
Closed last Wed of each month

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