Sunday, 23 August 2009

Hakka Ho Po Lei Cha Fan- Thunder bolts tradition!

Thunder tea rice is an iconic Hakka dish with several finely-diced ingredients such as tofu, green beans, ground peanuts, pickled radish, ikan billis, shrimps and other vegetables mixed into cooked brown rice and served with tea made from tea leaves, basil and mint steeped in hot water. You either love it, or hate it. We're loving it~

The owner is really generous with the servings of ingredients. There was actually soooo much veg that we felt we had consumed more than HPB's recommended serving of vegetables from 1 dish! How healthy we are! haha! Unlike amoy's thunder tea rice where they added our hated coriander ("yan xu") into the tea, there was no trace of coriander here *phew*

Each mouthful was full of crunchiness from the well roasted peanuts, red rice, green beans etc. The portion may look intimidating but definitely did not leave us feeling over-satiated. The tea was of cos minty but not too overwhelming to douse our appetite.

Thunder Tea Red Rice $4
J's & A's ratings: 4.5/5

Hakka Po Lei Cha Fan
134 Sims Ave (near Lor 17 Geylang)
933 Roast Duck Coffee op
11am - 8pm (Closed on Wed)

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