Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Billy Bombers- Quick fondue fix at decent price

Had an awful dinner yesterday evening and we thought of heading to Billy Bombers for chocolate fondue. We simply can't resist the 50% promotion! ($12.95 after discount)

The chocolate fondue didn't look appetizing at one glance as it looked sticky and burnt. We only had Ben n Jerry's cookie dough ice-cream as they ran out of flavours. However, the chocolate was deceivingly good! Although it paled in comparison to Sweetstone or Swissculture, it's pretty decent for its price. The chocolate was bittersweet which we enjoyed. The cookie dough ice-cream was not too bad, with chunks of cookie dough and chocolates inside which made it a good combination with the chocolate fondue. To our dismay, the waffle was soft and soggy but we just used it as a dipping tool for the chocolate fondue. haha! How we wished we had the sweetstone waffles with us!
Overall we felt that the chocolate fondue was not too bad, but definitely not the best. With the current promotion, the chocolate fondue is value for money given the type of chocolate that they use.

J's & A's Rating: 4/5

Billy Bombers
The Cathay Orchard
#01-12, 2 Handy Road S(229233)
Tel: 6735 5381


ZQ Travel Blog said...

Wow just $12+ for chocolate foundue! Thanks for the heads-up.. was just thinking of the Andersen's version of chocolate fondue :-)

SF said...

A to ZQ Travel Blog:
Hi there, I tried Andersen's chocolate fondue before but i feel that Billy Bombers is better. The chocolate they use is bitter sweet and thicker unlike Andersen's chocolate fondue which tend to be sweeter. It depends on individual taste actually. Some people like bitter sweet chocolate fondue whereas others prefer the sweeter version. But still, Billy Bombers is still worth the try. :)

ZQ Travel Blog said...

Thanks for the info, SF

Will try the Billy Bombers one instead cos' i prefer sweet chocolate plus its cheap!

You can call me 'ZQ' :-)


SF said...

ZQ: Hope u will enjoy e fondue as much as we do :) And also thanks for the nomination!