Saturday, 11 July 2009

Summer Frost- Come in for a chill~

Unexpected surprise today! It was Mummy's birthday & she brought us to Summer Frost for desserts. It was our treat of course. haha..

We ordered Chunky Chimp but we changed the milk frost to red bean frost instead and topped up with additional red beans (+50cents).
Look at the generous serving! Red beans were huge which looked more like kidney beans & 1 whole slice of banana with the frosted ice for only $4.50! It tasted a bit like ice kachang but the frosted ice was much smoother. The whole combination tasted sooo good!

Chunky Chimp (milk frost + choco rice & sauce + banana), $4

We also ordered Black Beauty (black sesame frost + muesli + cereals)
We love this black sesame frost! My tastebuds were overwhelmed by the bursting nutty black sesame flavors. The muesili, however, was kind of disappointing because they tasted more like ordinary cornflakes/cereals. Would definitely want to order black sesame frost again but perhaps with different toppings.

The frost r actually shaved ice which give a very light and fluffy texture. They dissolve in ur mouth immediately n arent heavy nor creamy since they're ice.
(J: I find tt my tastebuds r numbed after eating e frost for a while and the frost dont taste as flavorful as the 1st few mouthfuls but perhaps this is just me. Still, I think tt it's a very cool concept & worth giving a try for a different chilling experience :))

A & J's rating: 4.25/5 for chunky chimp & black beauty

IMG_3568.jpg image by angeline110
Summer Frost @ Katong
12noon - 11pm (daily)
41 East Coast Road
Summer Frost @ NTU
11am - 10pm (Mon - Sat)
NTU Canteen 2
50 Nanyang Avenue,

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Anonymous said...

Tried going to en-frost cafe at paradize centre #02-05. they are also serving the snow frost. Marvelous!!