Monday, 27 July 2009

Provence- Overly rated?

Food Tour Part I
Woke up early today to start our 1 day food tour! With high anticipation, we finally made our way to Provence at Holland Village!
Here are some of the bread that we’ve tried:

Provence No.1 best seller – Milk Pan
We got it straight from the oven! It was still hot when we eat it. However we feel that the bread was not soft enough. The milk custard was not bad though. Strong fragrance of milk when you bit into it. However we feel that the Raisin Cream Cheese Bun from barcook bakery was way better!
(J: Somehow, the combination of the salty bun with sweet milk custard did not appeal to me. I was also expecting the cream cheese to ooze out like hot lava when i bit into e milkpan but oh well. If i had not tried barcook before provence, i would probably have fallen in love with milk pan but e winner was clear upon comparing provence's milk pan with barcook's raisin cream.)

J's rating: 4/5, A’s rating: 3.75/5
Next, we had the blueberry bun.
The bread was much softer than the milk pan. More cakey in the texture.
(A: Actually I prefer this than the milk pan! Haha! Full of blueberry fillings!)
J's & A’s rating: 4/5

Black sesame cream cheese bun
Strong black sesame and cream cheese taste! The top was crispy and somewhat similar to that of a croissant. (A: The cream cheese flavour was just too strong for me. Don’t really like it.)
(J: The bun was tad too sticky n hard and the cream cheese felt like a cold cheese stick.)
J's & A’s rating: 3/5

And finally, the chocolate wassant.
The wassant is soft but it lacks the chocolately taste. It taste pretty normal for us.
(J: I was expecting a croissant size bun n boy, its really small!)
J's & A’s rating: 3.25/5

Well, people have different taste & views for good food. Provence is not as fantastic as we thought. We won't go to holland v specially just for Provence but wouldnt mind dropping by if we r nearby. Luckily, Provence has stepped foot into Orchard Ion and we dont have to travel tt far anymore! So, we will just stick to our Barcook Bakery! Raisin Cream Cheese Bun! So addictive, so soft & so irresistible!!

Provence Bakery & Cafe


Fen said...

Milk pan never appeal to me either but without fail I will always grab Sesame Cheese, Brazilian cheese buns, Sweet Apple and Cheese on cheese...

I have tried all 3 wassant and surprisingly I thought the new kaya ones are nicer but have to eat is fresh from the oven, if not it is just ordinary soft bread to me...

SF said...

A - fen:
Yep..i'm not sure why so many people would go all the way down for their wassant. Indeed it was soft but tasteless. I think I've tried better ones from other places.
And comparing with Barcook bakery, the raisin cream cheese bun was way much better than provence.

SiHaN said...

honestly I really love their blueberry bun. Pity you didn't like it as much.

SF said...

Sihan: we actually prefer the blueberry bun to the milkpan haha