Friday, 24 July 2009

Ochacha- Ohhh sooo goOd~ Ohhh sooo baD!

We’ve been to Ochacha a couple of times for their famous macha drink. Our favourite drink is Ochacha silk (green tea powder + soya milk) which is thick n creamy. Never ever order it in cold! The Ochacha silk will be diluted by the melting ice. We’re back again once more to try out other yummy goodies!
Ochacha Silk ($4.80)
*1 for 1 Mon – Fri from 3pm – 6pm!*
J's & A’s rating: 4.25/ 5

We ordered the matcha cotton cupcake BUT it was so disappointing!! Although it was green in colour, there was no matcha fragrance at all! In fact, it's tasteless. The texture of the cake is more of a sponge cake than a cotton cake. We did not even manage to finish half of the small cotton cake!
(A: I thought pandan chiffon cake was way nicer than this. Much softer, spongier & full of pandan flavour. LOL)
Matcha Cotton Cupcake $2.90
J's & A’s rating: 2/5

Now came our unexpected surprise!! With the discontentment we had earlier. This Sakura Egg Sandwich definitely lit up our evening!
Sakura Egg Sandwich ($4.80)
We were SPEECHLESS when we took the first bite.
Silence for a moment....
It was DELICIOUS! We can’t describe the taste BUT YOU GOTTA TRY IT! This was the BEST EGG SANDWICH we’ve ever tried! It’s an extraordinary egg sandwich! That’s why it tasted sooo good! The bread was so soft! Definitely softer than cedele’s bread! We can’t find any words to describe this sandwich bcos its neither sweet, sour, salty, spicy nor blah blah blah but the taste of it is certainly one of its kind... U can be sure that you will not end up in disappointment!
J's & A’s rating: 4.5/5
P/S: The prices r exclusive of 7% GST.
252 north bridge road
raffles city shopping centre,
#b1-44f singapore 179103
tel : +65 63335886


ladyironchef said...

best egg sandwich? it's good stuff, which reminds me that its been a year since i last went ochacha!

SF said...

A: definitely must go back for their egg sandwich!! Such a simple sandwich and yet tasted so fabulous!

Fen said...

Hmm... If you are a fan of matcha drink... Don't miss out on Shokudo matcha which costs less than 3 bucks or try this combination at Starbucks...

Iced Tall Green Tea Latte, 5 scoops of green tea powder and no classic syrup... with no extra charges...

SF said...

A - Fen:
Ooo! Really?? I shall go try one sometime soon! But i don't really like to drink ice latte, i prefer hot latte instead. haha
cause ice latte make the whole drink more diluted. heex

Fen said...

That is why I said 5 scoops of green tea powder, so it is literally siew dai green tea latte gao =)

Taste like melted green tea ice-cream... Starbucks dissolve their green tea powder in milk, so it won't be so diluted unless you wait for all the ice to melt...

SF said...

J: wow tt sounds satisfying... we will definitely go and try it out! thanks for the recommendation :)

lovesfoodtoo said...

Hey there!
Just to inform you that Ochacha has moved to Paragon.Just opposite Starbucks.I went to Raffles place yesterday thinking that the paragon outlet was just a second outlet,so i failed to find the "original" outlet in Raffles city.Called them up to ask and they told me they MOVED to Paragon!hahas.

The sakura Egg sandwich in your picture looks really good served with that soft bun!Now they serve it with 2 slices of thick white toast which taste good too(ate it twice!),but i was hoping they would revert back to the bun you tried!As usual,the Ochacha silk is one of my favourite drinks on the menu too!I was wondering,have you tried their tea-ramisu?They don't have it everytime i go there!was hoping you can give a review about it first?

SistaFood said...

A: [lovesfoodtoo]

Hi there. Yup, we knew that ochacha has moved to paragon. :)
We went paragon today and saw their new sakura egg sandwich with the thick white toast you mentioned. Haha..
But unfortunately, we did not went in to try it out. Probably the next time we will!