Monday, 6 July 2009

Mufiz Restaurant - Kopi Tarik anyone??

Found another gem right here at Upper Boon Keng! Janelle was craving for prata that day so we decided to head to Mufiz to try out their prata. We ordered Teh Tarik & Kopi Tarik ($0.80)! Kopi Tarik was something new which we had never tried before.

The Teh Tarik was good! Thick & rich.
(J: I find it even better than President Teh Tarik cos its more gao)

However, Kopi Tarik was even better!
(A: I kept drinking Janelle's kopi tarik because it was so nice! It was even more "Gao" (thick) than Kopi 'O' & someone like me who doesn't drink coffee a lot love this Kopi Tarik!)
(J: Pardon me for being sua gu but I've never known e existence of kopi tarik. Really surprised at how thick this kopi was but it could be slightly too sweet for me. Tasted better when I requested for him to go easy on e condensed milk :))


Here comes our roti prata with banana! ($1.50)
We were surprised! The prata was so crispy with "melted" banana inside!
We were expecting thick firm slices of banana but the prata was done so well that the banana melted and oozed out when u sliced e prata apart! Amazing!
(J: The prata is slightly crispy at e top and its not e usual small fluffy traditional prata. It is more chewy as well.)

J's & A's rating: 4.5/5 Teh Tarik, 4.75/5 Kopi Tarik, 4.5/5 for banana prata (J: 4.25/5 for prata)

Mufiz Restaurant
Open daily
(Blk 18, Opposite Upper Boon Keng food centre, near blk 16)

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