Saturday, 4 July 2009

Guangdong Wanton Mee- Where's the queue??

When we reached maxwell, we thought that we went to the wrong stall. There was no queue at all unlike e other famous maxwell stalls. However, we decided to give it a try anw n gosh, im certainly glad we did! This beef kuay teow is definitely different from Bugis (Longhouse) Lim Kee Beef Noodle at Golden Mile Food Centre & they r not comparable. They're both delicious in their own ways. Lim Kee's beef kuay teow uses lean beef slices n e gravy is thicker. This beef brisket kuay teow has pieces of beef that r soo tender that they almost melt in ur mouth! The beef r braised to perfection n taste absolutely heavenly~ The kuay teow is sooo slippery smooth. Their gravy is more liquid, creamier n saltier as compared to Lim Kee's. However, we followed ieatishoot's style of eating by combining the sui gao with beef brisket gravy. It's v shiok!! Peppery, creamy, less salty, wah~!! I'm loving it~ =D

Beef Brisket Kuay Teow ($3)

The sui gao (pork dumplings) r really fresh! The skin is v thin n generously filled with pork n shrimps! Very juicy n crunchy! The soup is good too but I will love it more if they can reduce the pepper haha. For just $3, u get 7 big fresh sui gao. Definitely worth every penny!
Pork Dumplings Soup ($3)

dumplingsoup2.jpg picture by angeline110
J & A's ratings: 4.75/5 beef brisket kuay teow, 4.5/5 sui gao soup

IMG_3452e.jpg picture by angeline110
Guang Dong Wanton Mee
Maxwell Food Centre Stall 99
6.30am to 3pm daily

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They have closed since 2010. Anyone knows what happened to them? Did they close for good, or moved to another location?