Friday, 23 October 2009

Siam Kitchen - The Crave For Thai Food

Oh no it's coming....we can smell it!

We were out with a friend for lunch when there was a sudden craving for something spicy and hot to fill our stomachs. Given a choice between Thai Express and Siam Kitchen, we decided to choose the latter as we'd not tried it before.

We were unsure whether the right decision was made as the restaurant seemed pretty empty when we walked in. The restaurant was more spacious than Thai Express, where the tables were placed much closer to each other.

We decided to order 2 mains and a Set Lunch, which comes with an appetizer, main and drink for $11.90++.

For the appetizer, we had Thai Minced Chicken Salad
Despite the presence of the nasty coriander in the chicken salad, we still found this salad refreshing. However, we must point out that the long bean may be too raw for some. (J: I had jokingly told sis and friend that I felt like a real cow while eating this lol) It would taste much better if they omitted the chopped coriander.


J's & A's rating: 3/5

Our friend ordered Thai Green Chicken Curry for her main.
The green curry was quite watery and oily. Taste of lemongrass was not intense enough. There was absence of "shiok" factor as it was sweeter and much less spicy as compared to Thai Express. We actually choked on the first mouthful of green curry from Thai express simply because it was really spicy! (J: So spicy to the extent that I could feel my stomach and throat burning lol. Alright, I'm not really a person who takes spicy stuff anw.) Chicken morsels were average and our friend even commented that they didn't taste good. 


J's & A's rating: 3/5

Thai Milk Tea
Both of us took a sip of the milk tea. It tasted very different from the Chinese "Teh C", Malay "Teh tarik" or even HK "milk tea". This Thai milk tea certainly brought us a whole new experience in the milk tea world. We would probably say that it tasted a bit similar to pearly milk tea but we're not quite used to the taste though. 


A's rating: 3.25/5, J's rating: 3/5

Phad Thai Prawn ($9.50)
Having tried Thai Express Phai Thai before, we decided to order the same and do a comparison. Sad to say, the phad thai was a let down. The noodle was not well-cooked and it was slightly tough. Even with the addition of spice and lime, it failed to come close to its competitor.
(A: The only comfort in this dish was the fresh prawns which were crunchy and sweet.)
(J: Actually, I didn't even find the prawns were that fresh.)


J's rating: 3/5, A's rating: 3.25/5

There's something stimulating our senses..
*Sniff sniff*
We smell something charred, something good coming our way!

Pineapple Fried Rice ($8.90)
Just look at the rice! The charred bits of fried rice was enticing and had the 'wok hei' flavour! Sweetness and sourness of pineapple with the slightly charred fried rice was amazingly good. Not forgetting to mention the fresh squids and prawns, they were delicious! (A: The squid was not in the least chewy at all!) The pineapple fried rice was not too greasy and we welcome the addition of crunchy cashew nuts too. We're simply nuts over nuts! =P


J's & A's rating: 4.25/5

Caramelized Tapioca with Coconut Milk
You can top up an additional $1.90 for dessert if you order the lunch set. We are not a fan of tapioca and hence, we only tried a small mouthful each. We find it too sweet for our liking but our friend loved it!


The set lunch promotion is definitely a good deal and the portions were decent to keep you full. However to attract customers, Siam Kitchen definitely needs to improve on the quality of their food, especially when Thai Express offers similar prices and has already dominated a huge pie of the market in Singapore.

Siam Kitchen
Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Tel: 6337 3777


Ethan Sieow said...

"here was absence of "shiok" factor as it was sweeter and much less spicy"

I think I must be in that small percentage of the population who don't like spicy curry. I actually like the sweet taste of Siam Kitchen's green curry a lot! Just the curry though; I also think the chicken could have been better (not tender enough). It's my fav item in their lunch buffet.

"A: The squid was not in the least chewy at all!"

I've never sampled *cooked* squid that's chewy either. Raw squid is another matter hahaha.

Ben said...

There is this place selling Thai food that we loved and the price is lower then other Thai eatery.

Ah Loy Thai at Shaw Tower, opposite of Tom's Palette.

Only problem is they are closed on weekend.

SistaFood said...

haha..taste is very subjective. For some who like super spicy curry will like thai express curry, vice versa.
Squid will tend to be more chewy if 1) they're overcooked 2)the squid is not fresh.

Hi Ben! We've heard of Ah Loy Thai but we never patronized the restaurant there because it always seem so packed!