Friday, 3 July 2009

Mr Obanyaki- Yummy fish pancake!

We found a yummy japanese snack in Takashimaya! Tayaki!
Taiyaki is actually a Japanese fish-shaped cake made by using pancake batter. The batter is poured into a fish-shaped mold for each side. The filling is then put on one side and the mold is closed. It is then cooked on both sides until golden brown.

A: Janelle first introduced this to me when we were at Raffles City last week. Frankly speaking, I had never tried this fish pancake before. However, the Taiyaki at Raffles City Basement doesn't taste good. It was cold and sticky inside with very little azuki red bean paste. Janelle then told me that there is a better one right at Takashimaya!

The Taiyaki at Taka is so delicious! Crispy on the outside and soft inside. Most importantly, It was hot from the mold, filled with a generous amount of azuki red bean paste! I love it soo much! Other flavours that they have include chocolate and cheese. However I feel that Japanese sweet snack tasted best with azuki red bean!

J: I would have given a higher rating if i can bit the red beans from the red bean paste.

J's & A's rating: 4.5/5

Mr Obanyaki at Takeshimaya B2
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