Friday, 3 July 2009

Chin Mee Chin Confectionary- a disappointing & unhappy breakfast

J: Upon stepping into this confectionary, immediately i had e feelings of e old sch kopitiam. There r displays of the various buns n puffs & CMC's kitchen is v open where u can c all e workers baking, making kopis, tehs, half-boiled eggs etc. However, one major turnoff was the attitude of this auntie who made herself looked v busy although there's only 1 couple other than us waiting to order our food. She made us wait & gave us the cant-be-bothered attitude while taking our orders & this really pissed us off. Woke up early for a nice breakfast & this is what we got grRRrr. Anw, the breakfast was a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT too.

Raisin Bun & Custard Puff
Homemade Kaya Soft Bun
Kopi O
The custard puff is the kind of custard which i hated most. Buttery jammy texture, not the milky smooth liquid custard which I like. The raisin bun has a very awkward taste which smelled weird to me. Most decent bun of all must be their homemade bun with kaya which is a soft fluffy bun slapped with sweet smooth kaya. Well, the bun is decent but the kaya's tad too sweet for me. Lastly, my kopi-o tasted like plain water. Diluted and not gao at all. I only had 3 sips n left with almost a cup full of kopi-o. Very disappointing indeed. Oh i forgot to mention they took years to make e half boiled eggs! We finished all the buns n puffs n e auntie hasnt even started making our eggs. In e end, we cancelled our orders -.-"" I would never head back to CMC confectionary again.

A: Nothing much to comment as I feel that the raisin bun, custard puff was horrible! And hoping that I could find a better Teh 'C' Kao after Tong Ya, I decided to order the same thing from CMC. It tasted like DRAIN WATER! Yucks!

J's ratings: 2/5 for custard puff, raisin bun & kopi-o, 3/5 for homemade bun with kaya
A's ratings: 2/5 for custard puff, raisin bun & Teh C Kao, 3/5 for homemade bun with kaya

Chin Mee Chin Coffee Shop
204 East Coast Road
8.30am -4pm
Closed on Monday

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