Saturday, 12 December 2009

Berrylite - Very Light On Your Waistline!


We were craving for something sweet,
craving for our all-time favourite granola,
craving for an indulgence that is low in fat yet satisfying!

Berrylite to the rescue!

We always like to top our yogurt with crunchy, nutty granola instead of fruits.

Berrylite's yogurt was sweeter, icier and it melted pretty quickly too!

We had the Strawberry Froyo with Granola. Distinctive strawberry taste ending on a sweet note.


Little sister had her Snickerdoodle Froyo with Oreos.
We didn't quite enjoy the snickerdoodle as it had a weird, overpowering taste of cinnamon or was it burnt caramel?


Even though Berrylite Froyo does not fall within our top yogurt choices, it still scrapes pass the benchmark for a quick gra-no-laaaaa fix!

J's & A's rating: 3.5/5 overall

Our Top 3 Yogurt Ranking:
1. Red Mango
2. Yoguru
3. Yogurt Place

Stay tuned as we bring more reviews on the various yogurt joints!

P/S: Most of the yogurt joints use the same brand of granola which we simply adore which is readily available in some of the supermarkets. Sweet Home Farm Honey Nut Granola with Almonds, so irresistible~ :)


Iluma (Bugis)
201 Victoria Street


Shirin Loh said...

mmm.. I love froYos :) Just that its too cold here to get to eat any of 'em. Take care and have a Merry Christmas both of you! ♥

SistaFood said...

Merry X'mas to u too! Have fun in Hawaii! :)

CO said...

Snickerdoodles have lots of cinnamon in them! they taste really great!

SistaFood said...

CO: haha! They do have lots of cinnamon flavour. So much that is overpowering for us! lol!