Monday, 3 August 2009

Toast Box - Gimme peanut butter thick toast!

Peanut Butter Thick Toast, $1.50
We specially requested for extra peanut butter to our peanut thick toast!! Yeah! The aunty was kind enough to spread GENEROUS amount of peanut butter on our thick toast! It was super shiok eating it! We're now in search for the best thick toast in town!
J: The peanut butter was more gooey this time round but contained many chunky peanuts unlike the last time we ate. I guess it will be more liquid if only a thin layer of peanut butter is spread onto the warm thick toast. Too greedy? Perhaps, but we enjoyed it :P

A: I've been craving for peanut butter thick toast since god knows when! haha...Ever since I've tried the thick toast at Toast Box 2 weeks ago, I'm in love with it. I used to hate peanut butter because of the sticky taste it leaves in my mouth but now, I am able to accept it, not hate it or like it. However, nutella is still my best friend. :)
J's & A's rating: 4/ 5
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SiHaN said...

you should really have them together then. nutella and peanut butter makes the ultimate combination!

on a side note, I'm loving the blog you guys own. Keep up the good work!

SF said...

nutella & peanut butter? wow we would love to try that but toastbox doesnt have nutella spread right? haha we shall try our own version of nutella & peanut butter at home! thanks for visiting our blog :)